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Romans 9:25-33

Israel (past)
Paul continues with the idea - 'If you still think God has abandoned Israel remember the prophets, Hosea and Isaiah:

There will come a time when God will call the people of Israel (as opposed to Judah in Hosea): "my people"

Isaiah reminds us there will always be a "remnant", if not the nation would have been like Sodom and Gomorah.

(NOTE: Reminds me of when Elijah thought he was the only one, and the Lord informed him there were 7,000 thousand in Israel that had not bent their knee to Baal.}

Paul moves to Israel (Present)- what they did wrong and what they can do now.

Why do the Gentiles get to attain righteousness, and the Israelites did not? The Gentiles accepted and believed by faith, the Jewish nation is still caught up in "works".

The nation of Israel (not all individual Jews) fell on the stumbling block of Christ, just as Isaiah said, but yet if they trust in that rock - that stone - they will not be shamed - they can still be saved.
Romans 10:1-13
Israel (Present)

Paul again expresses his heart and prayers so Israel may be saved. Who better than Paul to talk about having the zeal for God, but not the knowledge. It describes Paul perfectly before Damascus incident.

Since they did not know (alternate translation: being ignorant of) the righteousness that comes from God - they did not know Jesus. Israleites coninued in the I, me, us mode of "working" their way to salvation. They did not know, they went their own way - so it was impossible to submit to what they did not know. Christ was the end of the Law - fulfilling prophecy and the sacrificial aspect of the Law - when Christ said,"It is finished". It was the end of the Law.

Moses said, 'you need to live by the law'. In Deut 30:12-14 - Moses talks about you don't have to go to the heavens or the depths, the word is near you - right here.

Paul says we are saying the same thing - you don't have to go on some complicated search - the answer is in front of you. Christ was and is now in front of you.

Confess with your mouth - "Jesus is Lord". Believe in your heart that God raised Him from the Dead - You will be saved.

The Greek tenses indicate it is the "completed action" of confessing and believing that will make you saved. Not an ongoing thing - do it once - complete it and go on to the sanctification process.

Also "believe in all places is that GK. word "pisteuo" with the concept of "Knowing", "belief", and "trust" wrapped into one word. Again I think Trust is the key - it cannot be just head knowledge. You must "trust" in your heart".

"Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame."

Actually the trusts here is also "pisteuo" again showing the interchangability of the word.

Paul says there is One Lord, not one for Gentile and one for Jew, and He will bless all who call on Him.

"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." (comes from)

Joel 2:32
"..that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered"

That name is - Jesus - "Jehovah is Salvation". It is not of works but of God.

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