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Merry Christmas!!
It is unfortunate that we have reached this part of Revelations on Christmas Day. What struck me most is that even though they went through all these plagues the people did not repent. It struck me but did not surprise me because people have very fragile minds and generally not very smart. We are capable of being more intuitive but we generally choose not to be. There is a kind of sick pleasure that one gets when one is suffering. People who are depressed are comfortable feeling bad and if they feel good they feel uncomfortable. They do not do or want to do anything to get out of that state.
Any way, today is a day to remember the gift of Jesus and to be exhilarated about it! In fact everyday should remind us of his gift. We live because of Jesus. There are so many levels to this statement that I don't have the time to get into it now. We need Jesus all the time.

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