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Like Mike said,"please filter my comments through the lens of the bible"...I maybe diving into deep water here but here goes...I just couldn't help comparing Cyrus to the church.There are many messianic commnunites now but most of the ones I know here started off in a local christian church.Today more and more christians are praying for Israel to recognise Jesus as their saviour...alot of jews are responding.There was a time a doctrine was spreading that Israel has been rejected by God and all the promises made to Israel are now the church's.God still has a plan with Israel.
I believe it is crucial for every christian to be a "self feeder"I began to question the doctrine I was getting when I came to Christ.I really wanted to get to know the truth but somehow reading through the bible on my own didn't help me much.I have to say being involved in a bible study has really helped me filter out a lot of heresies.
God bless you all.

I've been and continue to be so blessed by small group studies.What an awesome God we have and a group of fellow Christians who enjoy fellowship with each other and pray over the needs of each other and help each other. So blessed as we move about the country. Will be back to our home church in October after going from Florida to the west coast of the United States up the coast and over the top of the US to Maine and now heading back to Florida. Sold our house in Florida last Nov. and bought a motorhome. Gave away almost all of our "stuff" and took a leap of faith. What and awesome country and an awesome God. We've had safe, not always uneventful, trip so far. His hand has been on us each step of the way. Thanks for this One year Bible reading, Panorama's commentary and this blog. We start most every day in devotions and prayer and know it has made a difference in our lives. Some days I have to remember as a tubing excursion leader in Bethel Maine said, when you get out on the river, remember your marriage vows!

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