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Luke 8:4-8:21

I read a commentary that brought out an interesting point on the parable of the seed. Jesus could have easily articulated his words as He spoke to the crowd so effectively that all would have heard what He was saying and understood it, but He didn’t. The reason He didn’t speak effectively and convince the crowd was because He did not want to overpower people’s freewill. Jesus could so easily have made everyone He came in contact with a believer but He never crossed the line of our own freewill. Imagine the power of Jesus which He is holding back until the appointed time when He just lets it all go.

I had a better understanding this year of the parable of the sower. Jesus' words are not always easy to understand after all he is God and we are limited compared to Him I discovered that the seed on the path and the seed in the rocks represents people not saved. While the seed in the weeds and the seed in good soil are those who are saved. I desire to be the seed in good soil but fear the ways of this world hinder my growth. To truly keep my eyes on Jesus, hear Him, and obey...I have a long way to go.

If we are open to Gods word He can work in us. I don't want to
Miss out on any
Opportunity to be Jesus to others Matt 25:34-36!!

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