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Leviticus 25:47-27:13

I’m trying to see the difference between a resident foreigner “owning” an Israeli (fifty years) and a fellow Israeli (seven years), why the huge discrepancy? Is it because one should have went to a fellow country men first before selling oneself to a foreigner living in the country? This little dilemma is one I will think about.

We know through reading of the Prophets, especially Jeremiah and Ezekiel and the historical books of Ezra and Nehemiah that Israel never in acted the Sabbath rests nor the Jubilee year and because they didn’t, they went into captivity to Babylon for 70 years which represented the total Sabbath year rests, plus the Jubilee years. God commanded the rests; however Israel didn’t take them voluntarily, but she still took them involuntarily. What God has commanded will come to pass even when we rebel and don’t cooperate.

Blessings and curses, is it God blessing and cursing us, or is it the effect of a cause, obeying or disobeying a command. I believe when we obey God, there is a natural sequence of events, or causes, that happen because of our obedience. When we disobey God the same thing happens except those consequences are not beneficial to our well being and prosperity. In previous posts I noted that God told Israel that the land he was giving them had “vomited” out its original inhabitants because of their “sin” and if they sinned, it would vomit them out also. (Leviticus 18:25,28; 20:22). Blessings and curses are natural occurrences of our obedience or disobedience to the Word of God effecting our own bodies, those of our households, community and nation, as well as the land we stand on.

Mark 10:32-52

Again Jesus teaches them about His death, but they just don’t get it. If I were around, would I have gotten it? Probably not. I think it is near impossible to “get it” when you have your own agenda going on in your head. We project our own desires onto the God’s agenda, mudding the waters of righteousness. But even though we mess with the purpose and call of God, we can never change, defeat or hinder God’s plans.

Blind Bartimaeus is another blind man that saw that Jesus was the son of David, the Bread of Life, born in the House of Bread, Bethlehem (which means House of Bread), but called a Nazarene. If Jesus was the son of David, then Jesus was the promised Messiah. And a man with no sight saw what people who supposedly had vision couldn’t see.

May all those who visit this sight have their spiritual eyes and ears opened and see past the natural limitations of seeing and hearing. Amen

Psalm 45:1-17
What I noticed when I looked at this Psalm was not the content of the Psalms but the directive to the choir director. This Psalm was to be sung and the music used was not composed for this Psalm but was taken from a love song called Lilies. I wonder if that shocked the folks of the day.

Proverbs 10:22

When the Lord blesses you not only are you a person of wealth, which doesn’t mean you have a lot of money, your new position of affluence and prosperity doesn’t come with headaches. I think it’s time for me to reexamine what true “riches” are.

Grace and peace,

I am just blown away this am reading mark 10:45. Just reading how Bartimaeous said! "Son of David have mercy on me"" and Jesus said to the people surrounding "Call him""
Those words are huge and impactful on our lives. All we have to do is call on him! And believe in the Son.
God show me how I can trust you when I'm faced with Giants whether relationships or physical health or job or whatever it may be. Let me hear those words "call him"
Jesus is calling you! Blessings

Interesting to me how after each of the 3 times Jesus tells the disciples of his upcoming crucifixion, death, and resurrection, he then counsels them to be humble and to serve others (as Jesus himself did).

The scripture that came to me today was when Jesus asked the question to his disciples can you Can you drink the cup I drink or be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with. Answering this question for me would have been hard. Because Jesus is so worthy. I am not sure I would have answered it the same way. However the disciples responded that they could. And then Jesus goes on to answer their other question, which was those seats who sit next to god are already prepared. I think when the disciples answered yes, they also answered their own question, that their seats are already prepared for them because they can drink the same cup and be baptized with the same water. And so that questions today is still relevant and if we believe and say yes, are seats are prepared. Awesome!

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