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I like that verse: Matthew chapter 7 verse 6: "Don't give what is holy to unholy people. Don't give pearls to swine! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you." I have been in that situation in which I have given of the treasure the Word has given me whether in college or a loved one or supposed good friend, and they want to argue and dispute the living Word. So I believe that is what these verses mean. Don't waste your time with Words that are non-responsive or effective to certain people. Give the Word to ones who seek and crave understanding. And I do have some friends who like me really love the Word and we get into good discussions. I like blogging and write several scriptures and some of what you write Mike, I share with my friends on facebook and send sweet emails to friends or text ones in need. I try to use as little words and show with actions, however, me being a talker that is really hard for me at times, but I am working on it. and I keep saying in 2013 I am also going to learn to say no sometimes. No I can't do such and such today, or no I can't babysit your child at this time, and so on and so on. I want to please alot of times and it isn't doing me any good when my heart isn't fully in it and it isn't my "best" from God and to God either. I love this site as I have through the years and I thankyou Mike for your diligence!

God Bless

Rather than responding to the questions you asked, I am commenting on the story of Lot. I can understand why the cities were destroyed, but it was sickening to me that he offered his daughters to the evil men in order to protect the guests in his house. Then, when his daughters intentionally slept with their father in the cave, it made me wonder why God bothered to spare their lives. So, I took your advice and clicked on several of the links to read what several of the Bible scholars had to say, and it sure helped give some perspective about all of this.
Thank you Mike, for this Blog.

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