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I checked out "The Future Judgment of the Believer"...very interesting. i didnt know nations would collectively be judged and also nations judged on how they treated Israel. I knew we would get rewards or loss of rewards but deep down I kinda have that notion I'll be punished for my wrongdoings still. I know Christ took it, I guess our minds cant wrap around that...I mean, I deserve judgment. I know Christ took my punishment, a mercy which I dont deserve, its hard to understand, ya know? But I just have faith because He said so. One day I'll understand! =).

The abyss is rather interesting...my dad drew some pics to illustrate for me once. I dont know if i can describe it correctly and certainly we dont know how it is literally, but its like a vertical tunnel into the earth and gravitational pull comes from top and bottom so there's a point in the middle of this where there is just suspension. satan will be suspended there for 1000 yrs. It sounds pretty torturous to me. and no one more deserving to go into the lake of fire!...I want everyone to get saved! :(( One day I will understand it all. Even saddam huessain, I have pity for...it makes me sick. I really hoped he'd repent, but his final words indictated he didnt. It makes me sad, though his punishment was justice for sure...I dont know, i dont feel happy when ppl die unsaved, no matter who.
I love Psalms...yes I know that song, and i was singing it too! =)

Proverbs is great too. What I got from it was remembering I was sooo shy as a child and young teen, I didnt have a voice, got picked on and very few stood up for me. I never fit in and was the weird quiet girl (i'm still weird, haha...but I'm not the quiet girl so much now). There is so much God did in me to change me...He gave me a voice that I didnt have for years. Anyhow, so I have a heart for ppl that cant speak for themselves, the 'oddballs', the shy, the rejected...b'cos i was one. so i usually seek out those ppl, not really realizing I do. I want to speak up and out for ppl who cant speak for themselves and go out of my way to draw them out and befriend them, cause i understand. God gave me a heart for the unnoticed, the invisible.

Thats a great idea, buy a family a goat! haha, but I love goats...i'm afraid i would want to keep it for myself, they are so cute ;).

I also believe we who are blessed with finances (i dont mean even being rich, i'm sure not monetarily rich, but i have enough to supply my physical needs) but to give to a child is a blessing! I go through Christian Children's Fund...but World Vision is great! My parents gave to them as long as I can remember...the story of the man who started that is incredible and beautiful! my dad just told me recently.

Oh...and I have pics of the Mt of olives, very cool!!! When I saw it and remembered God would put his foot there and it'd split open. I owe you some pics, i didnt forget, though one can look up pics online, i just wanted to share what my eyes saw cause I feel soooo blessed to have gone to Israel. i just have to get out the old scanner. I'll do that soon.

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