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AND GOD said to Jacob, Arise, go up to Bethel and dwell there. And make there an altar to God Who appeared to you [in a distinct manifestation] when you fled from the presence of Esau your brother. [Gen. 28:11-22.]
(Genesis 35:1 AMP)

Seven chapters back and twenty years previously, Jacob found himself at Bethel having his first encounter with God. Now God is sending Him back. No matter how prosperous you get, no matter how much God works things out in our lives for His good purpose when we are the called (Romans 8:28) we always must go back to our foundation, or Bethel. When Christ gives the message to John in Revelation He tells the church at Ephesus in spite of all the things they are applauded for, they need to turn back to their first love. (Rev. 2:1-4)

No matter how many passages of scripture we memorize,; no matter how many committees we find ourselves on in our churches; no matter how many folk we bring to Christ if we move from our Jerusalem, the place where we first encountered God, without God, Himself, telling us to move on, we will not be spiritually connected to the One who holds and has purposed our lives.

Grace and peace,

Amen, Ramona! Comments: I have learned to be quick to think-wait before speaking-and learn discernment- I have to bite my tongue @ times - but when you walk with God you know- what is right and good and biblical- the truth will make you free- we have God's temple and holy spirit operating in us- Lean not on your own strength but His! Be blessed!!

I try to always go to God for everything. I do not want to make any decisions on things with out going to him, Yet I do try to read morning before I start my day at work. If I miss a day I will do it the next day. But even with that I will always go to him to ask for everything and anything. I do not want to do anything without first going to him. I am still human . I do not want to make a choice without going to him before hand.

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