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Genesis 3:1-4:26

The verse that really caught my eye this go round was verse one in the third chapter:

NOW THE serpent was more subtle and crafty than any living creature of the field which the Lord God had made. And he [Satan] said to the woman, Can it really be that God has said, You shall not eat from every tree of the garden? [Rev. 12:9-11.]
(Genesis 3:1 AMP)

Pride gets us into trouble every time. When our pride is kept under submission, we will not fall into the trap of trying to answer the question, “Can it really be that God has said…” We don’t have to see an actual snake or a guy dressed up in a red suit, pitchfork and a bifurcated appendage to get into trouble. In an attempt to appear all knowing and not left out of the loop, the woman went to a dangerous place, she tried to prove to someone else how close she really was to God.

If I really evaluate my life in truth and study the wrong choices I’ve made they were always made under the threat of appearing to be something than what I truly was. The woman needed to prove who she was to the devil and in reality to herself that she was important to God and that she was in the “know”. Did she know the difference between “good” and “evil”? Since everything God made was good, including them, why was she, they, trying to prove they knew what evil was when there was nothing in their experiential understanding that said, “This is bad.”

My desire is to clearly understand who I am in Christ and know in my knowing that what God has said is what is and not what someone or something else says I am.
God should be the one telling me who I am and not man. We are reading through the Bible to find out who and what God says we are and what He has done for us. May we all have ears to hear and eyes to see His Truth.

Grace and peace,

Why write all that and then put pictures over it so it can't be read. On the Blog I receive online, it seems this has just started happening.

1)reaction of The Fall..for one...the Fall in inevitable, we are a fallen people-himans make mistakes- we are NOT God- shown through our actions and so we slip-it's our human nature. 2) It is when you see how serene it was before The Fall- but it was just a matter of time, not how it happened, but when-(the time and Fall was proven to show us we need a Saviour 3) Satan absolutely deceived people to this day-he's a master of his craft-lies and deception 4) counter balance with the Word-stay grounded. Yes, by reading, prayer, watching what goes in our eye, ear, gate and listening to that still small voice, staying connected with body of believers, we can be focused this yr and always. Be blessed!

So I have a question and this may be nit-picking but here it goes. In Genesis 2:15 God took man and put him in the garden and gave him some rules about the trees to eat from and not to eat from. I have always questioned why did Adam take the fruit and eat it from Eve. He already knew that he wasn't suppose to and he just eats it without saying God told us not to. I haven't read in the scripture where God told Eve and I assume Adam told her because that is what she told the serpent. Please clarify for me because Adam came first and he knew and then Eve came after. This isn't a blame game either. Just need some other views on this subject.

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