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Today's reading in Genesis opened my eyes to see the remarkable faith of Abraham. God calls him away from all he knows to a land that God will show him. The promise of God starts in Genesis 12 to bless him, and make him the father of a great nation, and inherit a land for his offspring. Along the way, Abraham shows true character in offering Lot first choice in the land before them. It is actually comical in a way. I picture Lot with his eyes just taking in the potential bounty from the fertile plains and after a long look "Lot chose that land for himself'! Not only did Lot think first of himself, but chose to set up tent near an ungodly group of people. "After Lot was gone" the Lord took Abrham aside and gave him the 360 degree look of all that lay before him and seemed to say, "if you think what Lot took was great,turn around and see, "I am going to give all this land to you..." as far as he could see. Isn't that just like God who wows us with His abundance. If we keep our trust on the One who is trustworthy, then nothing else really matters. Abraham could have chosen first since he was older, he could have demanded the best, but instead he cared less for material gain than taking care of those in his charge. He took care of Lot both in land and in rescue, and also his allies after rescuing Lot. Abraham knew God was trustworthy which explains why he so obediently left his home, family, and relatives to go on this adventure yet to be seen.And if we look at God's promises to Abraham, other than Isaac, Abraham really didn't live to see the promises fulfilled. Hebrews 11:13 "All these faithful ones died without receiving what God had promised them, BUT THEY SAW IT ALL FROM A DISTANCE and welcomed the promises of God." I pray God would teach me to have the character to live beyond what I see, and live by faith looking foward to the legacy before me. Abraham "believed God" to be good for all His promises and lived knowing God was good for His Word.

Yes, God is good and does live by His Word! Amen! Per the question of the day..the only suggestion I could give to avoid lost is just through prayer, getting in the Word-committing to listening to Christian music, good clean tv programs-don't let your mind wander there-it is a dangerous place to get off the well-beaten path! Be blessed today

Was looking and praying for a new Bible study for the new year. I came back to the One Year Bible and this will be my third time through. I needed something to help me dig and meditate on God's Word and found this site online. Six days in and I am loving it! I read the passages first, wait a few hours and then open my email of the One Year Bible readings and go back over what I have read with the commentary. The Lord points out areas for me to examine, pray about and mark up my Bible. Thank-you for this ministry.

My understanding is that Melchizedek wasn't the pre-incarnate Christ, but a priest-king given to us as a type of Christ as seen in Heb 9:20

The point of this story is not only the concept of a tithe, but that Christ would be a high priest like Melchizedek,not like Aaron.

Christ would receive His High-priestly position by appointment, not by lineage as Aaron's sons did.

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