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The readings today are warning Christians everywhere to have a Holy life! Both the Old Testament and New! One must even eat Holy food and drink. It is so important to control what goes into the body!
Most modern day Christians watch, listen to, eat and drink anything. This is the opposite of living the Holy life, as well as wearing what is hip and blending in. I don't know about anyone else but I am convicted by today's readings.
Thank you one year blog! Don't know why I did not pick up these insights before.
I used to like blending in so that people think that Christianity is cool, but it is obvious to me now that it is actually the opposite! Christians are to be Holy beacons of light, love and change. In these last days, Holiness might just be the sought of evangelism that people need!

If we suffer for doing something good for the will of God, like Jesus did, we will be saved.

Daniel's resolve and conviction is something of rarity today. It also related to the NT passage where Peter talked about having the mindset to suffer like Christ will put an end to our sin. But so often we are either afraid of men or simply lack the confidence to bear the suffering, thus we cave in to sins. May the Lord have mercy on us and continue to remind us and grant us strength to reject sins and do what is pleasing to Him.

"We must turn from evil and do good, we must seek peace and pursue it."
It's only possible if we obey Holy Spirit's counseling.

If we trust Jesus, we have died to sin. He has made us alive in Christ! We look to Christ for the desire and power to stop sinning and live for God.

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