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It is with a sense of great accomplishment and gratefulness that I comment today. A year ago I started reading the One Year Bible blog without much hope of finishing, because of the times I'd failed before. Although I skipped out most of Ezekiel because I got really behind at one stage, I got through the rest. YAY!

Knowing that there was a community of readers doing this with me, and being able to interact with you all through comments was a key ingredient for me. Thank you to all who posted.

Mike, thank you so much. Your commitment to this blog is admirable, and your humility is inspiring. I think you must be one of Jesus' heros when I see how many lives you are touching daily through your obedience to Him.

Having read the whole Bible now, I have a much better idea of God as the beginning and the end, God working through history, God unravelling His love-plan and God reaching out to us. I have a much better understanding of Israel and the Jewish nation, and how they are a precious part of the fact that I am a Christian today. Praise You, Lord for drawing near to us. Praise You for The Message.

This has been a great study. I have done this for several years and have learned a lot from it.

I have read the Bible through for many years now. Reading the whole Bible every year has been a blessing. Especially when one is faced with difficult circumstances. I have had many but the Lord Jesus is faithful. I do believe in the power of prayer. Please pray for me as I am facing the biggest challenge of all. I found out towards the end of October that I have colon cancer. I am taking the oral chemo pill plus doing some alternative treatments with it. Pray that the cancer be gone and that my next comment down the road will be the cancer be gone forever.

Just want to thank God, and you Mike, for your faithfulness. I enjoy the One Year Bible blog; it is a great way to start my day. I find the riches of the LORD over and over. Your comments and the comments of others are great food for thought. I also appreciate the links you provide for a deeper look into the WORD. May God continue to use you this next year.

I am grateful to God for His provision for me to receive my first copy of the One Year Bible NLT in 1996 from Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ. I was a paid employee of The JESUS Film Project and Bill Bright offered a free copy of this Bible for those on staff who would agree to read through it each day along with him.
Reading the entire Bible in one year is a wonderful opportunity and the One Year Bible Blog has provided me with transfusion of God's Word on a daily basis! Thank you Mike for your faithfulness in providing your commentary and abundant resources, including music. I have found that the reading of God's Word on a daily basis provides the method for me to not be conformed to the world but allow the Holy Spirit to cultivate the Word in my mind and continually transform me.
I have found that when I am talking to God or reading His Word I cannot hear Satan's whispers to distract me and draw me away from my fellowship with my Heavenly Father.
I do plan on continuing to participate in the One Year Bible Blog on a daily basis as long as The Lord gives life to this 82 year old sinner.
Thanks again.

I have been reading through the Bible with you for a couple of years now. I have learned so much and feel that I am moving from skim milk to whole milk and sometimes nibble on real food. I am learning to pray using the word in my prayers. I am so thankful for your study. Thank You so much.

Reading the ending of Revelations brings a great sense of hope. He will indeed return soon and may his grace be with us to the end.

I start almost day here with the OYBB and have for years now. Thank you, MIke!

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