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1 Kings 7:1-51
The first thing I noticed in today is reading, Solomon took almost twice as long to build his palace then he did to build the Temple. I know that God does not dwell manmade places or created things, yet it seems disingenuous to spend more time with his palace then a Temple he built to give glory to God. There can be a multitude of reasons why his own personal residence took longer, he may have used more workers to build the temple, and they may have put in longer hours to build it.. Just seems kind of curious in my opinion.

Acts 7:30-50
Stephen points out in his message that Israel sacrificed in the desert and they had the appearance of worshiping God; however, they were really worshiping pagan gods. We too can find ourselves sitting in church every time the door flies open, singing and worshiping God; however, our hearts are like Israel, focused on other gods. I also find it interesting that when God describes idolatry it is compared to a husband or wife committing adultery (Jer 3:8-9)/

Psalm 128:1-6

According to Proverbs understanding The Fear of the Lord requires diligent pursuit of:
a. God’s Words and accepting them once you receive them.
b. Crying out for knowledge and understanding.
c. Seeking and searching after that Word as if you are mining for Silver, God and all hidden treasures,

Then one will understand godly fear as well as gain knowledge of God
(Proverbs 2:1-5)

That being the case one cannot really explain the Fear of the Lord to anyone who has not done the above and one who hasn’t done the above cannot explain the “Fear to others.

One can also take note of Proverb 8:13,

To fear the LORD is to hate evil …
This is a clear, concise definition of what it is to fear the Lord. It is hating what God hates.
Proverbs 16:31-33
The thirty-second verse of chapter 16 contains a word that I have been exploring in the bible for about five years, self-control. If you search out Proverbs, you will see that “self-control” is the foundation or core behavior in becoming grounded in God. In fact, it takes self-control to acquire understanding in “The Fear of the Lord.”

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