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Genesis 23-24:51

Some facts:

Isaac is now 37 years old (Sarah had him at 90 -Gen 17:17). Abraham is known as and was called, God’s friend (James 2:23).

I’m going to assume not only did Abraham speak to Sarah about a wife for Isaac, but he also spoke to God as His friend. Friends have this habit of knowing everything about each other. In fact, a friend, a true friend, is someone who knows everything about you and still likes you. More than likely Abraham saw the type of woman that lived in the area and judged them unacceptable. He probably had been talking to God about this state of affairs for a while. And if we remember in our previous readings, we are told that Abraham received news from afar regarding his brother and his brother’s children (Gen 22:20-24). We were set up by God in the previous chapter to here and receive this information about Bethuel and his family just as Abraham was set up to send his servant to look for Rebekah.

It has just came to my mind while typing this out that Abraham may have known that Isaac was to marry Rebekah, by the Word of his friend, God. The entire scenario may have needed to be played out for those involved in God’s set-up, Bethuel’s family and Abraham’s household servant, and more importantly Isaac, and possibly us to show the power of God and that his will comes to pass no matter how hard we oppose Him.. The 10th chapter of 1st Corinthians states that the Old Testament was written to be an example for us (1 Cor 10:5;11) as admonishments and examples.

In regard to prayer. I have come to see prayer as a form of communication with God and it is a two way street. If we take James’ direction to us, we will be quick to hear and slow to speak (James 1:19). As God’s friend, I believe, Abraham was in continual prayer with God, especially after the birth of Isaac, hearing from God and speaking, a little ‘cause by the time of Isaac’s birth and after, Abraham knew that God had all the wisdom and all the answers. I use to sit in on Master Voice classes for Opera singers because my director at work at the time, taught it. I leaned many valuable “spiritual” lessons just from listening to the directions and corrections given to the singers. One Master Teacher, who was clearly a believer, I could tell by the way she taught the singers said this to a young singer who was singing without understanding, or as some musicians call it, “Not Playing/Singing in truth. Her Words:

“Singing Opera is like prayer. It is more about listening than speaking,” She said as I almost fell out of my seat.

I heard a minister talk about the death of her husband from Cancer, which she had been healed from herself, third stage cervical cancer... She talked about struggling with and raging to God, asking God was He still up there?

Her answer was, "I did heal him, but I healed him my way not yours." She called it the "Other Miracle." The Miracle that kept her sane, the miracle that stopped her from blowing her brains out from despair, the miracle that kept her from drowning her sorrow in alcohol and drugs. I've never forgotten the word she delivered and strive to always find the "Other" miracle in things that appear to be tragic. Sometimes we need another perspective, God’s perspective.

God does heal, but He does it His way not ours. Sometimes our way is lined up with His way.

Grace and peace,

I love that Ramona..God does heal but in His way not ours and sometimes our way lines up with His. Beautiful.

Comments from me: QOTD
In answering your question Mike, does God still heal, is he in the healing business..etc.. I definitely believe Jesus is not our of the healing business. My little sis has been healed of club fee-my "adopted" mama has been healed of Rheumatoid Arthritis- I came out of a trying time after my dad died and I was a young adult-being promiscuous, neglecting myself and no self-love- I got delivered from that, got back on track! God loves us and wants to heal us where we are and heal the hurt.

Genesis 23:1-24:51
I always thought it was rather sweet-arranged marriages-I love to hear verses where God's favor is asked for and Abraham's servant must have known or watched the faith of his master to know what and who to pray.
Matthew 8:1-17
The healing of Jesus-He is willing to heal us then, now, and forever more-He is the God of healing and restoration. The Roman soldier and his faith was a great illustration and reassurance for us today-that Jesus is preparing a place for Gentiles too-according to our faith and belief.

Psalm 9:13-20
It says the wicked will go down to the grave, when nations dishonor God and His people they fall into their own trap they set for others. Our nation needs to honor God again, repent, humble themselves so the Lord can heal our land.

Proverbs 3:1-6
Some of my fave verses today, "Trust in the Lord w/ all your heart, lean not to your own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and he will direct your paths." Praise God!!

Amen, and blessings to you and yours!

25. How to Find a Godly Wife (Genesis 24:1-67)

… we see that God guides His children once under way by “his angel” (24:7). I believe that all true Christians are led by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14). He prepares the way for us to walk in His will and to sense His leading. We must proceed in faith just as Abraham did, knowing that God does guide. Bob Deffinbaugh.

I have 3 kids in their mid-20s and none of them has a partner. My wife and I sit there shaking our heads because they are a great “catch” but for some reason its not happening. In many ways, I am like Abraham waiting for the Holy Spirit to do the guiding and to know the right time. It’s good to know that this isn’t a unique matter and it’s been around for a long time. My wife and I had 2 matchmakers bring us together….our mothers!

Mathew 8

What brings the centurion to Jesus? It’s not the desire for God or Religion. It’s the need and suffering of a companion that compels him to seek Jesus. I love the fact that Jesus is accepting of other religions and does not turn away those that tell him their problems.

Psalm 9:20

Strike them with Covid, O Lord;
Let the nations know they are but men.

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