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Genesis 30:1-31:16

I think today’s Old Testament reading is not only funny, but also shows us how human nature is the same yesterday and today. And boy or boy isn’t Jacob a wimp! And the goings on between Leah and Rachael, with a dash of two hand-maidens would probably fill up a years worth of programming for Jerry Springer, Oprah and Judge Judy, something for everyone. I think the reason we find this episode funny is that we recognize their behavior in either ourselves or other folk that shall remain nameless to protect the innocent and the guilty. Woman for ages have been trying to secure the love, affection and support of a man by way of children. It did not work then and it sure aint’ working today.

On my first read-though this morning I had wanted to post up about Jacob and how exemplary of husband he was, taking responsibility for his actions, NOT! But, when I read this through a second, then a third time something else caught my eye that totally sobered my train of thought. Both Rachael and Leah were bitter about how they were married off. The writer of Proverbs stats in the 30th chapter that there are four things that make the earth tremble, one is an unloved woman when she marries or an unloved married woman [Prov. 30 21-23 (depends on the translation)]. So you have a woman that was given as a “Booby” prize by her father (who wants to be second choice, you have another woman who was the first choice but became the second choice in the marriage ceremony. She did not even get a party. Neither were happy campers and resented what their father did. This is documented by the last couple of verses in today’s passage:

14Rachel and Leah said, "That's fine with us! There is nothing for us here--none of our father's wealth will come to us anyway. 15He has reduced our rights to those of foreign women. He sold us, and what he received for us has disappeared. 16The riches God has given you from our father are legally ours and our children's to begin with. So go ahead and do whatever God has told you."

There father had sold them for his benefit. Abraham and Isaac had offered up their wives out of a perceived fear that a ruling king would desire them for their beauty and kill them. Although not as overt as Abraham and Isaac, Laban married off his daughters in a sale that benefited him financially, what a lovely man. Unlike us, God gave His Son to bring us back to Him. We have this tendency to give up the ones we proclaim we love to benefit self. God love, so He gives. We lust so we can get. Love desire to benefit others at the expense of self. Lust desires to benefit self at the expense of others.

Grace and peace,

It is non-fiction, but finding Jesus in the Old testament, by David Limbaugh helped me draw closer to Jesus.

I love that interpretation and analogy of love vs lust and yes what a wimp poor old Jacob was.. but hey.. God uses the weakness and foolish to confound the wise. And God's will came about in all this sin which was the 12 tribes of Israel.

Comments for the day pertaining to your question Mike on books:

There are books-that are Christian fiction by Liz Curtis Higgs, that go with this story, it highlights Jacob, Leah, and Rachel's life. One is: "Fair is the Rose", and I believe another is "Whence comes a prince." there are 2-4 books in seriies.. haven't read them in a while but definitely worth the read.

Gen 30:1-31:16
I always love the story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel. Good commentary .

Last we left off yesterday, just Leah was having babies, 4 to be exact-all boys--Rachel wanted a child so bad-she was blaming Jacob instead of praying or doing some self-reflections. So then the handmaids came into the picture. Bilhah had 2 sons through Jacob, then Leah wasn't having children anymore, so her maid Zilpah was surrendered to Jacob-she got pregnant a few times. It's like these two wives are having a spitting contest -see which one can be bigger -go farther.

And then Rachel & Leah really succumbed to fortune, and good luck charms--getting mandrakes -to help with fertility-I'm gathering these Aramean women weren't followers and didn't know God personally -Leah became pregnant 2 more times with 2 more sons for Jacob and then finally a girl named Dinah.

Rachel was remembered by God and finally conceived and give birth to Joseph
The Jacob petitions with Laban to allow him to go back to his family, his hometown.

He bargained for wages with his uncle-even though the Lord showed Jacob the picture of speckled, spotted, black goats, lambs, livestock, he still succumbed to fortune and old wives tales-apparently some of his wifes cultures rubbed off on him.

Matt 10:1-23

The calling of the twelve disciples to cast out evil spirits-

So the Lord is electing them as ambassadors to the Word and by the Spirit to cast out some evil from amongst the folloiwng of the Way-and its only fo rthe Jewish audience and family right now-not for Gentiles(non Jews) or Samaritans (mixed Jews/gentiles).

I love this verse Matt 10:10b: "Don't hesitate to accept hospitality, because those who work deserve to be fed."

Psalms 12:1-8
These verses resonate to me and sound similar to our world today-unfortunately we have some evil in this world, it does seem like the godly are dissapearing from the world and what is evil is seemed as good and it's sad--however in the Word, it says the Lord will protect them--the Lord rises to rescue us. Praise God

Prov 3:13-15

Love all these verses Joyful finds wisdom! Yes and understanding wisdom is more profitable than silver or gold, more precious than rubies-nothing you desire can compare!!

Be blessed!!

I would recommend the book "The Fisherman " by Larry Huntsperger. I have not read the entire book because I started reading it and my husband, who is a believer but is not generally interested in personal reading God's word or learning about God, saw it and asked me about it. I have to say I am usually very critical about how accurate a fiction is along side the word of God and I am so impressed with this book up to page 64. Can't wait to get back in it after hubby is done. Please pray for him to develop a hunger for God's word - actually pray for me there also as I am hungry but could use more hunger.
Today's reading that stood out are how manipulation and jealousy are very ugly things that I personally would like to remove from my life. I am asking God to show me ways to remove them. Whenever I start down the path towards these things I become aware and ask for God to redirect my mind. This action has been instrumental as God has blessed me with more confidence in my marriage, job, and ministry God has called me to. I am just this year following and realize in today's reading I am quick to respond and slow to think. Wisdom is something that I really need.

Genesis 30

Reading through the history of Jacob and his family sure parallels what we see in not only in our own families but it is a source of entertainment when it comes to the media. Ramona has got it right with the more bizarre the more we tend to watch. I have been watching documentaries on the Royal Family in Great Britian and I think that attraction is the same thing the writer (Moses?) was after in some ways to show us how messy our lives can be. I hope the underlying message of how we need God's help comes through.

A book I have found interesting is by Anita Diamont called "The Red Tent". It is also a movie. The red tent was a place where the women of Jacob's tribe would basically retreat and laugh about the follies of men. Endless food for thought.

Mathew 10

I thought it would be fun to share some of the disciples characteristics. This is from the book by Peter Scazzero. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.
Peter: (leader) Big mouth and contradictions
Andrew: (brother) Quiet, behind the scenes
James: aggressive, hot headed (sons of
John: ambitious, intolerant thunder)
Philip: (feeding 5000) Skeptical and negative
Nathanael and Bartholemew: Prejudice and opinionated
Mathew: (tax collector) hated because he abused people
Thomas: (doubting) melancholy, depressive and pessimistic
James (Alphaeus)and Judas (James): nobodies - Bibles says nothing
Simon: (zealot) freedom fighter and terrorist
Judas: (treasurer) thief and loner, untrustworthy

All were spiritually and emotionally immature but they were willing. That is all God asks!

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