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comments and QOTD: I love to obtain wisdom -It's so important. "She" brings long life, riches, happiness in our life. Yes definitely reading the Word brings wisdom, staying in a bible-based church, having fellowship with the body of believers, and prayer-God blesses you. Thank you Jesus!

Comments for the day and from reading the scripture:

So Jacob knew it was time to go home. The only way Jacob felt he could outwit a sneak like himself(his father-in-law) was to leave unbeknowest to Laban. They made a 3 day lead before Laban found out they were gone. He caught up with them 7 days later- however God was with Jacob-He warned Laban in a dream-do not harm him. So he didn't. However he was more upset about some gods taken Now Laban and Jacob were not the only sneaky ones in the family. Rachel, was just like her father-she stole the gods, and lied to keep her dad from searching her saddle about her being on her monthly. I loved how Jacob laid it out for Laban-finally stood up for himself and acknowledged God in the midst of it all. Yes!!

Now his next obstacle-meeting up with his brother-has he forgiven him? Is he still angry? Will he try to destroy us? Has God remembered his promises? Has He forgotten us? So many thoughts go through Jacob's mind approaching him-his fears and failures have surfaced and there's no running now-Time to face the music.

Matthew 10:24-11:6
Some great readings in Matthew today. He gave analogies today saying a "student" is not greater than his teacher nor a slave greater than his master- people (Saduccees and Pharisees) are saying Jesus removes demons because He is the prince of demons.
Jesus told them if He is cut down, picked or ridiculed, they will be too because they are likened with Him and people know they are followers of the Way.

Jesus said there will be revelation and knowledge for all coming soon-eyes will be opened- We shouldn't be afraid of persecution of our body because they can't take our soul!

Psalm 13:1-6
This is probably how Jacob felt going into this facing of his brother. He wondered if the Lord forgot him-well he kept speaking the promises out loud reminding himself and Lord what He promised. He probably struggled with anguish in his soul-Jacob knew he was a cheat, a wonderer, he know how things were left between them-it was bad-so what to do-He hopes in the Lord, but also, in his own devices by splitting the family up into 2 groups in hopes if one gets attacked the other can get away. Poor Jacob-it takes him a long time to surrender and fully believe. He knows of the Lord-he knows of the stories of how he saved his grandfather Abraham-how he was with Isaac his father, but yet he (Jacob) went back and forth in his belief and replaced it with doubt and fear. I'm too familiar as many on this blog I am sure are or were having feelings of this in the past, and know it is a continual growing process.

Prov 3:16-18
Yes Wisdom-long life, riches and honor! Yes! love it.

Praise God for today and blessings and honors to you and yours.

(missing Ramona's posts today).. oh well. Be blessed

Genesis 32:10

I am unworthy of all the kindness and faithfulness you have shown me.” There is a word I would like to share that comes from this line of thinking. It is the Jewish word ‘chesed’. It means unearned blessing. It’s simply acts or deeds we can practice and it is a beautiful way of revealing our heart. When you show kindness without expecting anything in return or mercy like we see Jacob expressing his understanding of what God has done. A Rabbi once expressed it to me by a simple act like the next time the dishes have to be done, just get up and do them without being asked or expecting anything for doing them. That is chesed.

Mathew 10:34

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.”

Yikes that’s pretty radical. Jesus mission was very deliberate and meaningful and it was why the Romans hated Christianity. It tore families apart because it demanded maximum loyalty to Christ.

Vs 37: Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.

Here the cross is mentioned for the first time. That must have thrown people into bewilderment. Even now I have a tough time understanding the meaning but slowly I get it. Right now I’m dealing with a guy that the Lord has saddled me with so that I can have the opportunity to practice, patience, humility and compassion. The interesting thing is that there are numerous people watching as I carry this (guy) cross to see what I do. It’s hard. Thanks for your prayers.

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