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I think Jacob was wrestling with God in the form of an angel. I think that at times in my life that I have questioned God, misunderstood God and been frustrated at His apparent lack of action to prayers I have prayed. So while I have never seen God face to face... yes I have wrestled with Him in prayer. I have told Him that I didn't understand and that I even disagreed with Him. I know that if it is in my heart and in my mind that He knows that anyway so I feel that open communication (in that me verbalizing it through prayer) is o.k. with God. It has been at these times in my life that God has given me peace after I got MY feeling out of the way. Just letting Him know how I really feel enables me to clear this out of my thinking and heart and allows Him to fill it with His love so that I accept His answer even when I don't understand it. I know through time that I have seen things I wished would have gone differently but God wouldn't have it happen that way and now looking back...my God was right. I don't think it is disrespectful to Him unless you make it that way. I think wrestling with God is a way of opening your whole heart, mind and soul to HIm. That is why the OT speaks to me so clearly. The conversations Abraham had with God, the wrestling Jacob did with God and in our future readings... the times Moses will have with Him. They were humans, just like me, who were not perfect and at times questioned God but God considered them one of His own. Enough so to include them in His Word. So these stories are there for a reason. So yes, I have wrestled with God and yes He always wins but that is o.k. the communication that occurs during the match is always life changing. And as I go back and read your question to answer one more time to see if I answered it. I feel moved to share a time I wrestled with Him. A couple of years ago my husband and myself went through a situation that without God would have ended our marrige. I was devasted and had no where to go to but God. I poured my soul to Him. I told him of my fears, my anger, I even told Him what He should do during all those months of prayer. Yes, I wrestled with God over what I thought He should do and what He was doing. Through all this communication and per His pull on my heart I kept my mouth shut in circumstances where I wanted to open it. I finally gave completely in to God and told Him the problem was His. (that took me a while). I asked Him to give me words to speak or to close my mouth if need be. And He did....that is what He wanted and I decided to follow His instructions. That was the best decision of my life. We are still together and, no our life is not perfect but God is in Control. I know that things would have been worse if I had not have given God control. Wrestling with Him on that one situation has changed my life forever and made it easier for me to accept His will in the difficult things I face now. It prepared me for the other things in life that have come my way. Oh How He Loves Me! He knew I would wrestle and He knew what He would teach me would change me. What a Mighty God We SERVE!!!

Comments /QOTD: I believe He was a God-figure but Not the fullness there of-we are created a little lower than angels-I believe it was a heavenly being sent by God to teach Jacob humility-I believe it was out of Jacob's control -He was taught humility-we are always struggling to wrestle principalities of good and evil-the Lord will listen to our relatives.

Gen 32:13-34:31
It's good to get to oneself, just us and the Lord -even though it doesn't say he communicated with the Lord-and he still was going with Plan B by dividing up stock, animals, to present as a peace offering, one by one -but I like his strategy-
It's interesting when Jacob was left alone again-a man wrestled with him. We know from his commentary that "He' wasn't just any man but a divine being- because Jacob said he wouldn't let him go with out blessing him.
Also Jacob said he fought with God and men have won.

I like how the "being" had the power to change his name from Jacob to Israel-he "Jacob" finally subjected to Lord's authority and will-he limped off because of it.

I'm so glad Esau and Jacob were warm with one another-time heals a multitude of hurts and wounds.

34:1 Dinah Israel's lovely daughter comes in the picture- I feel for Dinah getting raped and maybe Jacob shoudl have not discussed with his sons-knowing they are hot heads.

I feel like both parties were deceitful- Jacob's son's pretended to have free trade with them if they all get circumcised and the Shechemites agreed one-the young prince was in love with Dinah but 2 they wanted to eventually get their hands on land and prosperity.

Oh my! Levi and Simeon-what have they done! Their resentment to their sisters demise was hatred -they did evil for evil and were sneaky about-not realizing the consequences -it would have to them, Jacob, and household but especially Dinah.

Matthew 11:7-30

Jesus denounces the actions of the crowds who came around John and his disciples-He also stated that none who have ever stated that none who have our lived is greater than John the Baptist and it is our childlike faith he seeks-not piotious or self seeking or ones who are wise and clever a nd think they are better than others-love it

Psalm 14:1-7
A fool would say "There is no God" The Lord is restoring the world and His people to Himself-God is with those who obey Him.

Prov 3:19-20
Wisdom Lord founded the earth-Our beautiful sky the Lord made-Thank you Jesus.

Genesis 32

Wrestling God. I had the great opportunity of doing a weekend Men’s Retreat (November 2019) with Mark Buchanan. He revitalized our lives by looking at how Jesus can touch our eyes again so we him more clearly. Taken from the gospel of Mark and overlaying that with Jacob wrestling with God we were challenged with asking ourselves what blessing do we want from God and why do we want to know God’s name?

Here is a quote from Mark Buchanan’s book dealing with the Jacob story.

The Rest of God. By Mark Buchanan. Page 259.

And then, with cool suddenness, a man steps into the ragged circle of fire- light and grabs Jacob’s heel. He grabs his wrist, his neck, his arms, so fast, so strong, so agile. Jacob is at first taken off guard. But he’s done this before, grappled and hung on for dear life. He’s writhed and twisted to win advantage, yes, done it all his life. And so the fight goes on, all through the night’s long darkness, until a gray light smolders at the earth’s far edge. It is a deadlock, this battle. So the man does violence with a single touch: he maims Jacob, plucks his hip from its socket. And then, pleading for his own sake, pleading for Jacob’s, the man says, “Let me go, for it is daybreak” (Gen. 32:26). Jacob refuses. This is a fight like all the others. This is a fight like none other. This is a fight he cannot afford to lose, and a fight he cannot afford to win. This is a fight that can cripple him and mend him. It can end his exile and make good his homecoming, even if ever after he limps.
But first a question: “The man asked him, ‘What is your name?’” (Gen. 32:27). Who are you? Jacob can’t run, can’t hide, can’t fight any longer. “‘Jacob,’ he answered” (v. 27). And then a miracle happens, a miracle greater than the reconciliation about to take place between Jacob and Esau, a miracle that perhaps had to happen before that reconciliation was even possible. Jacob finds out who he really is. “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with men and have overcome” (v. 28). Jacob then has a request, the same one the man had of him: “Please tell me your name.” But the man refuses: “Why do you ask my name?” is all he says (v. 29). Yet Jacob knows who this is. Somehow—a tone, a gesture, a touch, some- thing—the man discloses his identity. “I saw God face to face,” Jacob declares afterward (v. 30). On that night before meeting Esau, Jacob met himself, really for the first time. And he met God, really for the first time.

Comment: It comes down to the question we have to ultimately face sometime in our life, who am I? It is then we can move on to the question of who is God? That is the wrestling match. The bruises we receive are the reminders of what God has revealed about ourselves.

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