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AND GOD said to Jacob, Arise, go up to Bethel and dwell there. And make there an altar to God Who appeared to you [in a distinct manifestation] when you fled from the presence of Esau your brother. [Gen. 28:11-22.]
(Genesis 35:1 AMP)

Seven chapters back and twenty years previously, Jacob found himself at Bethel having his first encounter with God. Now God is sending Him back. No matter how prosperous you get, no matter how much God works things out in our lives for His good purpose when we are the called (Romans 8:28) we always must go back to our foundation, or Bethel. When Christ gives the message to John in Revelation He tells the church at Ephesus in spite of all the things they are applauded for, they need to turn back to their first love. (Rev. 2:1-4)

No matter how many passages of scripture we memorize,; no matter how many committees we find ourselves on in our churches; no matter how many folk we bring to Christ if we move from our Jerusalem, the place where we first encountered God, without God, Himself, telling us to move on, we will not be spiritually connected to the One who holds and has purposed our lives.

Grace and peace,

Lovely commentary Ramona!

Comments and QOTD~!
I feel pertaining to Mikes question about the Lord being with us or daily guidance, we should be in constant fellowship with the Lord. Just like Abraham, was a friend of God and know the Lord was leading him every step of the way that is how we should be-allowing him through prayer, praise and fellowship in and sharing our daily walk with him.

Comments from the passages:
Gen 35:1-36:43
God led Jacob right back to the area of promise-right where he fled and built an alter and slept on a rock and had his dream of seeing a ladder and angels going up and down- Now Jacob is cleaning house, getting rid of idols, purifying themselves, rising up to the Israel God called Him to be.

So now the Lord is confirming the name change from Jacob to Israel and giving him comfort and restating His promises to Israel.
Jacob(Israel) traveled from Bethel to Ephrath-and his beloved Rachel full term pregnant went into labor and had another son-and then died. Israel named him Benjamin.

Then while in Migdal-Eder Reuben had intercourse with his father's hand maiden and wife Bilhah (Rachel's nurse) what?? Such a terrible thing to do.
Then the names of all sons of Jacob are given! :-)

Jacob returned to his father finally Isaac in Mamre-near Kirath-arba-(now called Hebron)--Soon after Isaac died and both sons buried him.

So of the descendents names sound familiar. Teman (the temanites) sound like a friend Job had in the bible in Book of Job that counseled Job. hmmm

Matthew 12:1-21
Jesus is victorious and know the Word-His disciples were hungry and broke off some heads of wheat to eat and instantly the Pharisees caught wind, saw and wanted to come against them with their laws--Jesus quoted scripture of David going into the temple with companions and eating the bread that was for the priests on duty working on Sabbath. I love how he backs up actions with scripture!

I love how Jesus is bold and tells them like it is-that someone greater than the Temple is there-if they knew scriptures or understood they would know! I love this new verse-Jesus said "I want you to show mercy not offer sacrifices-For the Spirit of Man is Lord, even on the Sabbath."

And he did more miracles and had to rebuke yet again Pharisees and then they became hot (jealous more like it) and plot on how to kill Jesus.

Ps 15:1-5

Who will stand before the Lord?
These who lead blameless lives (are saved, Jesus covers all sin) Speak truth and have a pure heart(Jesus living in your heart, and be a new creature)
Those who refuse to gossip or harm neighbors(do unto others as you would have do unto you)
--or speak evil of their friends (Jesus is closer than any brother-see Him through others).
Hate the sin -love the sinner
Honor faithful followers of Lord(be gathered in fellowship-and assembly with other believers)
keep promises -(be obedient, honest, integrity) Those who lend without charging interest (show
mercy because we are given mercy) not be bribed to lie on innocence-(again be of virtue and integrity)

Prov 3:21-26
Love this and all verses
Lord I pray for truth, discernment and common sense. I shall not fear-Your wisdom will refresh my soul-they will protect me, give me comfort , rest, and fear not the Lord is my security. Amen!

Mathew 12

Worth of an animal over a human? That is a tough one. I see all these you tube videos of people risking their own lives to save a dog, a deer, an elephant. Is our own life worth more than these? However, back to the point Jesus was making: The Pharisees were way too far in their head with the notion of the letter of the law was more important than the spirit of the law, eh?

Psalm 15

Is really about being ethical. In the end the benefits of honesty, morality, clear conscience and avoiding punishment result in an unshakable life.

Proverbs 3: 24-25

Before sound judgment comes wisdom but look what follows…..sweet sleep! I have found that a lot of my planning comes from the experience of praying and then observing how God does his thing. I always have to observe and reflect on his plan but this forms the relationship that fosters trust, obedience and understanding his love. The nice thing about this is that you can’t screw up because He always rescues you. If you are living the Psalm 15 life your decisions will line up with Kingdom Living.

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