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Genesis 37:1-38:30

Something that I just saw and I could be way off the mark, Judah tried to redeem himself, by taking back his identity and sadly failed. This is a picture of everyone who relies on his own cunning, his own wealth to gain his/her rightful identity. This is a picture of all of us who reject the free gift that Jesus Christ death, burial and resurrection, we are trying to buy back our tree identity, but it can only be found in Christ.

In those days, a man’s “identity” was validated by his ring, identification seal, his cord and walking stick. The walking stick would have been hand carved and unique, a one of a kind ‘cause there were no mass marketing. Looking past the fact that Judah sold his identity for some sex (In fact usually when we pay a down payment or place a deposit, ten percent will usually do but this man gave up his whole wallet with his credit cards, birth certificate, drivers license, and to top it all off, his power of attorney), he like his uncle Esau sold everything for one “pot of stew.” WOW!!

Does God still speak to us in dreams, absolutely Yes. He speaks to us by the way we learn, the way He has created us to learn. If we learn best visually, I believe He will speak predominately to the visual learners though dreams. If we learn best through a hands on experience God will use a hands on method, something tactile, to get His message to us so we can grasp it. Just like God is able to speak our language, God is able to communicate with us through our predominate means of learning. Besides if God can use a chicken (a roosters crowing convicted Peter after denying Christ) and a donkey (Balaam received a rebuke from his trusted steed) then God can use any means necessary to convey His Truths.

Our problem is we covet other people’s experiences in hearing from God instead of taking the time to develop our own. Other people’s experiences should propel us to seek our own personal relationship; our own meetings place with God and not try to imitate someone else’s practice.

Grace and Peace,

so true Ramona.. we should never try to imitate someone else's experiences for what could be a true one on one intimate personal first time relationship with the Father. He is an equal opportunity blesser and Lord so He wants to have a unique encounter with You today.

Comments and QOTD: The Word and studying the Bible does soften my heart and when I know I have not shown love of God-He helps gently convict me and help prepare me for next time. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want! I am definitely calmer, walk stronger, and a more grounded individual since being closer to Christ.

Gen 37:1-38:30
Alot going on today. Jacobs showing favoritism-for one, is not good. You would think he had learned when his mom and dad did that and how it affected both him and Esau.
Joseph got sold into slavery-I liked that Reuben had good intentions to not harm Joseph and return him to dad- too bad the others had other plans unbeknowest to him.
And Judah, even though that's a bad thing to hurt his father with Joseph not returning-God used the negative to be a positive-to save his family.

We read about Judah, Tamar and the twins today, which are in the line of David and Jesus-how awesome. Perez was in the lineage that brought forth Jesus.

Matthew 12;22-45
We read about Jesus healing power on lame, deaf, and mute today and Pharisees again speaking against him and believing he as Prince of Darkness and not Seeing that He is the Messiah-Jesus comes against those cursing the Holy Spirit and refusing to believe-that those miracles could only be done by someone stronger than satan-the Son of God- and He told them whatever is in your heart is what you speak-evil repore vs goodness-

Psalm 16:1-11
Lots of good blessings and reassurance form the Lord- Every good thing comes from You! It's important for He to be Master of Your Life. Calamity and troubles multiply when you chase other gods ($, work, people, pleasures, food, power), etc. Lord, you alone are my inheritance! My cup of blessing-What a reassurance

The Lord guides me, He is always with me, right beside me. You show me the Way of Life-the joy of your presence & pleasure of living -with you forever. Yes!!

Prov 3:27-32
Teaches us-do not with hold good from those who deserve it when its in your power to help them. How do we know when they deserve it? When is it best to give? One's on street wanting $ for a bus pass? Homeless with signs or to be giving the goodness of the Lord, the Word? Is it monetary or something so much greater and richer as in sharing the gospel-I love how the Lord offers his friendship to the godly. Amen!

I had the exact same experience. It’s hard to describe, but I would be asleep, a nightmare would happen, then an evil presence would oppress me in the midst of the nightmare. Somehow I was conscious enough to realize it was a dream and be able to call on the name of Jesus. When I would say the name “Jesus” several times, or “Jesus is Lord,” the evil presence would release me, and I would immediately wake up. Sometimes the evil presence would linger even after waking, but I would say the name “Jesus” out loud, and it would leave. I had this experience on and off for years, but learned that the minute I would call on Jesus, the evil presence would leave. Over time I no longer feared and became bold. All of this took place while I was asleep, sometimes in a semiconscious state. Eventually the spiritual attacks in my dreams ceased. If God can speak to us in dreams, then it only makes sense that our sleep and dream life would be areas where our spiritual enemy would attack. Our bodies may sleep, but I assume our spirit is always active and engaged.

Genesis 37

Joseph's dreams first get him into trouble, but his ability to understand them leads him to be chosen by the Pharaoh and to save the world. We could learn a lesson about the mysteries of how the world works. Believers and non-believers can see it as an illustration of the need to keep trying and persevere

An odd question comes to mind. What ever happened to the dream coat? I Googled it and there is no definitive answer. Some Jewish scholars say that Jacob buried it. One commentary said it was kept and then given to Joseph later in Egypt. Did Donny and Marie Osmond give us a clue in their Las Vegas Musical?

As a parent I have to say the Joseph story resonates with me. Bob Deffinbaugh’s commentary:

The life of Joseph is a wonderful encouragement to parents, who will someday have to turn loose of their children, allowing them to move out from under their control and protection. It may be in the form of sending a child off to a college campus, removed from the supervision of the parents. It may be by a marriage or a job change. All of us as parents will have to face the time when we cannot control the environment in which our children will live.

And he leaves us with the wonderful hope…they will be secure in the hands of the God who created them and cares for them.

Mathew 12:43-45

I think this passage speaks somewhat to addictions. In my observation, I have seen people decide to give up a bad habit, from say alcohol use, but when that addiction is thrown out there hasn’t been any preparation to replace it with a more positive practice (i.e. Cannabis or better yet a cup of tea and a walk) and that means they are vulnerable to fall off the wagon again. It can be a terrible cycle.

Allen Ross Commentary:
The illustration begins at the point of dispossession. The unclean spirit was cast out, but that spirit needed some place through which it can act, and so it was restless until it could find some place it sought. That in itself is a remarkable revelation, showing us that these spirits must have some material body as a medium. But in Jesus’ story the spirit returns to the man and finds the place “empty, swept, and put in order.” The key word is “empty” or “unoccupied.” The man was improved in some ways, swept and put in order. But he was not possessed--he was empty. So the result was that the improvement was of no avail. Seeing that there was no in-dweller possessing and holding the man in the right way, the unclean spirit re-entered and took other spirits in with him. So all the improvement was lost, and the man was far worse in the end than he had been in the beginning. The point of the story is this: to cast out the unclean spirit is of no lasting value unless there follows a new possession by the clean Spirit.

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