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Mike-You ask a tough question and if I were to give you an answer off of the top of my head, I would say, “Certainly, if given the opportunity and asked to lead I would lead just like Joseph, but alas I don’t think that is true. I have heard it said that a really great leader knows how to lead because he learned his leadership craft in serving others. So I think the question should first be, “Have I learned how to serve others with joy even in the dungeon?”

“If the purpose of a thing is not understood abuse is inevitable.” Quote from Myles Monroe author of the book, “Pursuit of Purpose.”

Truthfully it can only be in the role of a servant that one would learn the purpose of leadership and it would take great wisdom to weald that power with an eye for the Big Picture and not ones own personal agenda. Great leaders cannot rule from a place of pain or resentments they may have developed while in servitude. A great leader would have to operate in forgiveness. A great leader would have to be a great servant. I don’t think I’ve been that great of a servant, in fact I’ve been a lousy one.

Grace and peace, she said, with a lot of self-reflection to do during the day.


I don't know if I would be a good leader either Ramona..especially the task of being ruler over an entire country or land. I don't know if I would want that responsibility. I don't even know how or why some run for presidentcy. That would be a scary daunting role. but anyways..

my thoughts on todays readings: Gen 41:17-42:17

Today we see Joseph having favor by God to interpret the dreams of Pharoah. Everything God revealed to Joseph as a little boy or young man is about to come to light. God already knew the end from the beginning. He (God) knew the hearts of Joseph's brothers and the favoritism of Jacob would show to his "chosen" wife's son-the son given to him in his older age. God knew someway He needed to preserve the life of the line of His chosen people-the one through whom the Savior of the world would be revealed. In order to do that-just like God chose Abram from Ur, just like Isaac was chosen and not slain, just like Jacob was revealed as being mightier and his brother would serve his younger-so God placed favor over Joseph's life. Even in the midst of tragedy- (being sold, envied by his brothers, falsely accused, imprisoned, separated from family for 21 + years now-God calls all things to work for good to those that love and serve Him.

Matthew 13:24-46

What I got out of these parables of the wheat and weeds, the yeast, the mustard seed, the pearls, the many treasures-God wants us to know that there is greatness anywhere "if" we choose to look for it. Some want to see the glass half empty-God see's the glass half full-we see the "weeds" in people, God sees the heart. Even with the cares of the world and busyness-God's Word, God's people can fluorish-(The wheat (good) amongst the weeds) God rains on the just and the unjust. The mustard seed (tiny but mighty)the yeast (small but vast and it moves volumes), the pearl (valuable in Him-cast his life to save-)

Ps 18:1-15

I've learned that the scriptures are promises given to us by God as reassurance of our love and His love to us, "but" Psalms: that is our gift to Him(God)-the humble admiration, the songs, the prayer, the crying out, the proclamation-our blessing to God is revealed in the Psalms.

Proverbs 4:1-6

Signs of wisdom-keep commands, al God's wisdom to protect and proclaim-love and guard her. Amen!

Genesis: Joseph
It was great today at the breakfast table, my 15 year old son asked what I was reading in the Bible and I got to tell him the Joseph story. This was a lot harder than I figured because I had to recall what I had read and add my own comments and questions for him.
I really think these biblical stories were designed to be discussed and make us think about how we live our lives. Thank God for Sunday School teachers because that is a wonderful place to present them. It was nice to see my son had remembered many parts of the story and could engage with me about things like sibling rivalry, jail time, dreams, famines, God's provision, being rich and reconciliation.

I think I would be petrified to take on such a responsibility. I would have to have God's help every step of the way.

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