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Exodus 8:1-9:35

Irrational, Illogical and Unreasonable, that is the mental state of the latter Pharaoh. That is the state of someone’ mind who is in sin, in this case, deep in sin. According to the writer of Proverbs, he is a fool because a fool cannot be reasoned with or even see reason (Prov. 12:15;17:10,16;26:12).

The first time we see these three character flaws in the Pharaohs is when the order goes out to have all the male infants killed. From a business and economic point of view that is a stupid move. Egypt’s economy was based on slave labor thus the death of all the males would over time deplete your work force. Now we see the current Pharaoh, or it’s the same ole’ Pharaoh, but now he is an older fool, actually increasing his own people’s misery, the people he is suppose to be protecting. I don’t know but I hope if I had had an up close and personal relationship with a bunch of frogs, I trust that I would begin thinking about the power, or precisely the lack of power my gods, were showing and rethink my belief systems. And if asked for a timetable to get rid of said frogs, I wouldn’t say tomorrow, I would say, “Right Now! Thank you very much.”

Now regarding God hardening Pharaoh’s heart bear with me as I use an illustration. In Biblical Text, both Old and New, soil and or the ground has been used as simile for the heart of man. We find this in the Parable of the Sower (Matt 13:3-9,19) and in the Prophets Jeremiah (4:3) and Hosea’s (10:12) writings. God can either harden your heart, like Pharaoh, or soften your heart, like the Apostel Paul, based on the condition of the soil and the environment you allow yourself to live in.

Two people can have a garden separated only by a fence. One person constantly “works” the soil and keeps it watered, the other does not. Seeds are sown in both patches of land. When the sun (Son) comes up and it is in the heat of the day, the seeds sown on the soil that is worked will produce a crop of what has been planted, but that same sun (Son) will cause the unworked unprepared ground to harden further giving the birds a firm table to eat from.

Grace and peace,

I don't really know any debt services. But, I do like the tithe 10, save 10, invest 10, spend 10.

Ex 8:1-9:35

Today is more plaques, we get frogs, lice(which I didn't remember those)-another translation called then gnats, and flies! All 3 yuck to me! Oh also boils and last but not least hail, thunderstorms and hail. Ouch!

You would have thought his own officials would have begged him to let Israelites go! Pronto. But no!

Then Pharoah after hail and lightning actually confessed he had sinned unto the Lord-for them to go! But it didn't last long--

The end of Matthew today got to or spoke personally to me. I have struggled in my spirit in conflict with my coworkers, my spouse, my child about this Covid stuff- I don't feel in my spirit like it's good idea- and I believe it's discernment from the Lord. I am standing firm but its I believe that is why these verses spoke to me so-I am giving up-others beliefs for u Lord- your conviction-I believe it is right and where u lead Lord I follow.

Psalm 24:1-10

I love this too Lord. The earth is definitely yours and no matter what man does- it still is yours and you have final say.

Proverbs 6:1-5

What I got out of that is don't let others pull u down - Some will trap u and if not careful u enable them Love u Lord.

Love the song by Mandisa; Overcomer.

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