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Exodus 39-40:38

Our comments have been about either directly or indirectly about obedience. Obedience in following the Great Commission, obedience in using the gifts, talents and abilities, as well as our time to doing what God has called us to do, that is what we seem to be focusing on or drawn to as we read through the scriptures these past couple of days. Whether it is in building the Tabernacle, in the past, or submitting our time, talent and treasurer to God, the last word is Obedience.

Probably because that has been the single most constant thread I believe that runs through the majority of our posts for the past several days, the following verse caught my eye and imagination,

So all the work of the tabernacle, the tent of meeting, was completed, and the Israelites did according to all that the LORD had commanded Moses they did it exactly so. (Exodus 39:32 NET.)

Because my imagination was fired up regarding obedience, I went on a little word hunt.
In the Hebrew, the majority of time we read the English word “obey” in the Old Testament (KJV), it is this word, as per Strongs:

A primitive root; to hear intelligently (often with implication of attention, obedience, etc.; causatively to tell, etc.)

Mike what have I learned in reading Exodus this time around. I’ve learned the power of obedience. It is not what I think or even what I want, it is what God says. And it is just not about going and doing. It is about giving careful thought and interacting with what God has said; and the only way I can do that is to not just to listen but to hear intelligently. Listening and hearing are two separate things.

Grace and peace,

Your Pray Point was right on the spot! God, the Father; God, the Son & God, the Holy Spirit! The Three in One.
Thank you, Mike.

Feb 15,2021 Ex 39:1-40:38

Finishing up our Exodus today! woohoo.. Today Bezalel made the Ephod and all clothing for Aaron to wear as a priest. And all stones fastened and created to represent the 12 tribes of Israel, and his sons (Aaron's) to represent while serving in the temple.

40:15 w/ their anointing, Aaron's descendents are set apart for the priesthood forever, from generation to generation.

Mark 1:1-28

I love how they start out quoting Isaiah-John's life is portrayed 1st-a forerunner -prepare ye the way of the Lord.
I love the tenacity of John-He didn't care about appearances -he kept what was most important top priority-His salvation-baptizing souls-Preaching repentance-and Jesus-nothing else mattered.

And Jesus was in Galilee today-after being baptized, and tempted in the desert, to have authority -start his ministry-deliver others from their evil spirits.

Psalm 35:1-16

Lord, I love how you come to our rescue. You protect the helpless and poor from those who rob them-
I think of my lil nursing home mama who gets upset and distraught when her son calls who has troubled her in the past-but Lord you bring her peace and rescue her in times of trouble.

Prov 9:11-12

Yes-wisdom prolongs your life! Amen



Prayer Point

George: Wow, did I hear a great sermon on the Trinity as it relates to our show of love. This of course, is the theme of yesterday’s wonderful time to express our love – Valentines Day!

Check out this Service from 1’st Baptist in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Can’t help falling in love.
By Pastor James Welch. Question: Will we see the Father and Holy Spirit in heaven?



The one simple insight I see in this book is how the instructions God gives to the Israelites about the plagues, the commandments and the tabernacle shows me how caring, thoughtful, instructive, informative and revealing his character is. He is good, just and holy. He doesn’t leave things to chance. He wants the best for us. He knows us. He loves us.

Mark 1:16-18

Come follow me, Jesus said. Can you see Simon and Andrew drop everything, and walking right on Jesus heels as close as possible? I really like Rob Bell’s description of this scene and who Jesus (Rabbi) meant to them in his 2008 video called “Covered in Dust of your Rabbi”. Start at about 9 minutes in.


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