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Just wanted to say that I enjoyed Bob Deffinbaugh's article "Learning to Love Leviticus." He made some excellent points...particularly about how the book can help us understand the atonement better and about how we are such an "entertainment oriented" culture--guilty of insisting that the Word bring instant gratification.

Per the end of this article, here's what I will commit to:

"I would like to ask you to do several things as we come to the conclusion of this message. First, I would like to ask you to agree with those who have studied the Book of Leviticus carefully and have concluded that it is a book which has great value for us. I want you to agree in particular to the fact that Leviticus is inspired of God, and that it is thus profitable to you for doctrine, for correction, for training in righteousness, so that you can be equipped for every good work (2 Tim. 3:16-17).

Second, I would like for you to act on this acknowledgment. I would like you to commit yourself to study this book. That you would read it consistently, consecutively, and in large portions at a time. I ask you to ponder (meditate) its teachings and to pray that God would give you insight and understanding as to its meaning and its application in your life. Finally, I ask you to do what you have committed to do, for the glory of God, in obedience to Him, and for your good." -Deffinbaugh

Anyone else on board with me? It's more fun journeying over tough terrain with friends ; )

Feb 16,2021 Lev 1:1-3:17
ch1. Instruction for sacrifice
**must be from a cow(cattle)
your herd or purchased
or sheep/goat
-animal with no defect
-(sacrifice in place of u)

-may also choose turtle dove/young pigeon

each animal had a designated place for offering located @ different entry areas of Tabernacle-each type of animal wasn't burnt in same spot as a different animal-

ch2 Grain-too may be offered to the Lord
-choice flour
- with OO
- sprinke with Frankincense

--the rest of the grain is given to Aaron and his sons-most holy part of gifts presented to Lord (this is a portion of their food)

--oven baked flour cakes/(or griddle-break in pieces -pour OO on it, this is a grain offering)
--or pan cooked (choice flour & O.O.)
-w/o yeast
mix with O.O
wafer spread with OO

****side note-you may add honey or yeast to an offering of 1st crops of your harvest
-but these must never be offered on alter as pleasing aroma to Lord

-season with salt (all grain offerings)
-remind u of God's eternal covenant

ch3 Peace offering
-animal (herd)
male or female
-no defects
one from flock
-no defects

**the fat and blood is the Lords **
permanant law observed from generation to generation

Mark 1:29-2:12

The healing of Simon's mother n law reminded me of a mama friend who has that same hospitality-if she has strength in her body she will be up-fixing you a meal- :-)

After Jesus healed many-he went out remotely to pray-to have alone time with God.
He knew his mission -why he came-to preach-to teach-others the Gospel

I know it must have been lonely for Jesus to stay in secluded places -people didn't listen when he told them to keep quiet about who healed them-follow law of Moses with offering and present themselves to priest..

2:1 The naysayers are always around to throw a negative punch-Jesus is Lord no matter what and does have power to forgive sins.

Ps 35:17-28
Sometimes we want to put stipulations on our God. "if you do this, then I will do that."

-so many "so called Christians" are wolf in sheeps clothing @ times and miserable people love to stir up and be mean to innocent people.
We just have to be authentic, not let it get us down..and keep head high and stay in the faith. Amen!

Lord, I will bless your name in the good, bad, or otherwise-you are worthy to be praised.

Prov 9:13-18

Folly will get u in Hole
Folly is up to no good
Avoid misstep and danger with all
your might-bad avenue and yes it leads
to death-Amen!!


Ahh yes, a book of laws and procedures. I guess if you look at the big picture, God wants to give the Israelites a purpose and understanding of who he is. I think it’s important to reflect on how we relate to him today. I enjoy reading the NIV Student Bible comments comparing the priest handling the sacrifices similar to today’s procedure surrounding nuclear technology. A mistake can cause a Chernobyl. (Aaron’s two sons found that out in Chapter 10). I know I don’t have enough of that respect for my maker but these stories are teaching me to move toward a bigger and better relationship with him. I think Mike and Bob’s remarks, plus all of you bloggers will help with my journey. Thank you.

Mark 1:29-2:12

If you think about it, Mark describes a day in the life of Jesus. It involves healing, confronting evil, taking time to pray, traveling around preaching and more healing. Whew. I think this may show me some of the parts of Christianity I am involved in over a much longer period of time but its more about me asking him what he might want to accomplish through me?


What a great way to describe sin and the ultimate consequence – death. Then Romans 6:23 offers the wonderful gift in Christ Jesus our Lord!

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