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We have been reading a lot recently about God's ceremonial laws in the Old Testament. So why are we Christians not bound by these laws today?
Great article here: https://www.gotquestions.org/ceremonial-law.html`

Thanks Jeff that is a great article. Historical too because it tackles how we got to to where we are today.

My interest is demons today and especially Jesus encounter and the commentary at "Gerasene Demoniac" by Bob Deffinbaugh.

One thing that I thought was interesting was why Jesus told parables. Good answer by Bob D. in The Setting, " From this point on, Jesus began to speak to the crowds in parables in order to veil or conceal the gospel from those who had blasphemed the Holy Spirit (Mark 4:lff)".

Also The residence asking Jesus to leave? Another good answer by Bob D. "The typical explanation for the petition of the residents that Christ leave their country is that they were motivated by materialistic considerations. In other words, Jesus had caused a loss to them of 2,000 swine already; what else would His presence cost?"

Hi! Feb 20, 2021

I love the farming analogies and yes I believe we get what we deserve not what we need! Due to sowing and reaping! :-) 😀 I believe several forget about the farming and listening and applying to spread the gospel. We are the body! When we don't and we fixate on ourself or let it go in one ear and out other thorns come up and we lose in the end! :-( 😞 yeah we forget the seed tiiiiiimmmmeeee, and harvest. In order for a true harvest to manifest, we have to wait on God's timing.

I love the various verses today however sad that Aaron's sons disobeyed and died. And as a parent myself know it must have been hard for Aaron to mask that pain or else die! That is hard. Jesus talks on seeds and also the demonic man and calming a storm. When we have a seed sown and instantly have the enemy throw fiery darts to thwart our plans, if we be still Jesus will calm our storm!

Be blessed

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