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Daniel Wallace's philosophical, psychological, theological/biblical treatise on love and sex/sexuality is a "must" to read. I'm glad that someone has finally tried to put together a holistic view on love and sex and its signifciance in strengthening the committted relationship between two individuals.

Sometimes Christians when talking about sex (and other issues) merely quote scripture to support their arguments without taking into consideration
the psychological aspects of our humanity. As human beings, we are all these in one: physical, intellectual/cognitive, socio-emotional, moral, spiritual.

It's when we separate or dichotomize our nature that we end up having problems with our own selves just as when we separate ourselves or out of synch in our relationship with God.

A beautiful sexual relationship between two committed people strengthens the emotional bond and brings about spiritual unity. Indeed this is symbolized by the triangle with Christ at its apex as diagrammed by Daniel in his concluding paragpraph.

This was exactly the kind of marriage that I had with the beauty and splendor of sex, emotionally strong, spiritually grounded/rooted though unfortunately it only lasted seven years, but I can proudly say to this day ----they were the most beautiful years of my life!!!

Nicely put Rosalyn,

Per Mike's question, Do I believe Jesus was the final, once and for all sacrifice 🤔. I would be crazy to not believe that. He only had to die on a tree once. He took our sin, our guilt, our shame, our iniquity and put on cross and gave us His righteousness, the right standing with the Father! Amen..

Is He our high priest and made atonement for our sins. You better believe it! He was the atonement, the scapegoat, the bull, the sacrifice. So thankful for Jesus today and forevermore.

Be blessed! 🙌


Mark 7

Lots to chew on and Jesus certainly stirs up things here.

When it comes to God’s Laws I have to try to distinguish between religion and Human tradition. A lot of it like washing hands is common sense and prudent. Our hearts are sometimes in question, especially vain worship. Some of the rules we face can be our human nature and the root of our sin. We had a big issue about teens wearing hats in the sanctuary during worship. I still don’t know if its wrong but it sure stirred up some heated debate. What would Jesus say?

When it comes to guarding my heart, I like to think of myself as a temple of the Holy Spirit. God dwells in me. What’s Jesus say to me about what goes in and comes out of that temple? If I have questions or problems with that then simply asking him should lead me to answers. For instance, I know I have pride issues I don’t always see, so I ask to be aware of that sin before it rears its ugly head. Like in my post yesterday when a friend called me a sage. I had to deliberate over that awhile before I wrote it. My words to him were not mine. It was all God and I was only the chosen instrument. Know what I mean?


I have already requested that this be sung at my funeral some day.

Psalm 40:12

My sins are more than the hairs of my head. Yet God knows every hair on my head. Luke 12:7

Marriage Issues

I recommend a good Christian counselor and your pastor can usually help with this. I had the opportunity to attend a Promise Keepers Retreat a few years ago and this is usually a first priority topic. Of course, it is a men’s get together so here are a few good perspectives from a guy’s point of view; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhJOMlmUXY4

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