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Exodus 19:16-21:21

God sets boundaries for us not because He is some kind of control freak, but because He loves us and planned the best for us in eternity. If we do not cross the boundaries the negative cause and effects of law breaking does not come into existence.

And you will set boundaries for the people all around, saying, "Take heed to yourselves not to go up on the mountain nor touch its edge. Whoever touches the mountain will surely be put to death! (Exodus 19:12 NET.)

Ever since “In the beginning …” God has placed boundaries in his creation. The entire first chapter of Genesis God is setting boundaries. In the garden, God tells man, "You may freely eat fruit from every tree of the orchard, but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will surely die." (Genesis 2:15-17 NET.)

The Ten Commandments are boundaries for righteous living upon the earth and if crossed, there are consequences. Maybe we look at these boundaries wrongly. If we see them as just a list of ten things not to do, then they are just a burdensome list of do nots. However, if we see them as a safety net to keep us snug and warm provided by a Father who loves us dearly, then the burdensome nature of a bunch of dos and don’ts cease. If we fully understand that God’s desire is to meet every one of our needs, we will wait on Him and not try to get it ourselves.

As for prayer postures, Mike, the postures you present all have to do with one thing, submission, the body language takes on the posture of submission. Raised hands indicate surrender to God. When someone points a gun to our heads and says, “Stick ‘um up,” we submit to the authority of the one holding the gun. Lying face down on the floor/ground or assuming the position of kneeling, means you are acknowledging the One who is Over All. Sadly, these postures can all be choreographed to give the appearance of submission and to impress the crowd, but either way, sincere or show, God knows the heart.

Interesting how the commonality of all four readings flows forth from the scriptures and that is submission. Whether in body language, prayer posture, wrongly choosing to submit to man’s laws over God’s, and submitting to words of wisdom, God’s Word, Old or New Testament is the same message presented from different perspectives.

It is said that we all have different learning styles and God covers them all in His Word. Because He created us to have those different styles, God is not a one-size fits all kind of Guy, He meets everyone at their point of need and at their ability.

Grace and peace,

Proverbs 7:2 Apple of my Eye

I had an interesting thing happen to me several years ago. I lost my NIV Student Bible. It was a very important possession for me because I wrote notes in it and found it comforting. As I lamented my loss, the Lord made it clear that it was really just a material object, a book. I realized it was what was in my heart that was important and that was what allowed the Holy Spirit to show me the meaning of scripture. In fact, I can find that book and read it anywhere. Church, book stores, Sally Ann, Library and of course the Internet or Phone. (Here is a free app: newlifeapp.ca). That is why I contribute $ to the Gideons Bible Society every month, so that God’s Word (book) is available to everyone in the World. Bye the way, I found my Bible and still use it today.

Exodus 20 The 10 Commandments

I love this quote: God gave them the commandments to keep their passions in check.
If you really want to hear what is revealing take a look at Landa Cope’s talk on you tube, part 2 last 5:


More from her book: God and Political Justice


Page 90: …in the law, God is telling us how to create safe, life sustaining communities and is making us responsible to do it. The burden of justice is now on our shoulders. We are free to change the laws God has given, and we are free to evaluate the consequences, the fruit of our choices. Are we keeping our fellow citizens from violent deaths, or are violent deaths increasing?

I like how you explained the different learning styles and about submission and the posture of each pose in prayer. Good stuff and wisdom Ramona.

Ex 19:16-21:21

The people were so scared of their first encounter with the true God Almighty.

God wanted to show the Israelites that He was a very real and present God.

He wanted the people to have an intimate personal relationship with Him, the people were too scared to some near. They never seen anything like it.

---I wonder if sometimes we pull away out of fear of getting too close or scared for fear of being burned or hurt to submit to an all knowing all Omnipotent God.. hmmm..

The ten commandments are next. These were such precious rules to live by so that we may live and not die. And I believe the ten commandments is our realization that we can't do life alone-we need a Saviour -we need to be saved-we can't keep the commandments without His grace, love, forgiveness.

Ch 21 regulations to live by, slavery , its sad that the spouse can't be free when he leaves and you have to choose to be a slave for life to be with your wife unless u were married before the slavery took place with hebrews being slaves why they would have slaves themselves. Times were different but mindset is not much different than today's mindset.

Matthew 23:13-39

Lord's warning to Pharisees and Saducees and really to us-Don't be like them!!

Ps 28; 1-9

Don't be silent Lord-He helps me and gives me joy!

Proverbs 7:1-5

Obey Him and live!

Praise God!!

The ten commandments are a summary and reminder of God's standards of righteousness. A kind of checklist that we can use to measure our progress in our christian walk. The commandments are further highlighted in both the old and new testament by prophets, Jesus and the disciples. They are very relevant today as they were in ancient times. I realise like Jesus said a higher standard is even expected of us born again children of God. When we accept christ the ten commandments are longer legalistic. Obeying the law is an act of submission and maturity. The holy spirit guides us in this and gives us power to be obedient. God said he would write the law on our hearts so we can obey him. The commandments on tablets of stone are now written on our hearts.

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