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Re: The Transfiguration that, we spoke of in todays reading. Bible.org was very interesting today. The comment that Bob made "The spectacular never really convinces or converts anyone", is the reason that those who witnessed the Transfiguration of Jesus who were Peter, James and John give no gospel account of the Transfiguration. The Lord does not play up this miracle or the mount of Transfiguration.

According to Bob Deffenbuagh: Bob says ( I've copied and pasted this ) Observations
Before we seek to explore the implications and applications of the transfiguration, let us pause for a moment to make an observation about the three who witnessed this event. There were three witnesses to the transfiguration: Peter, John, and James.181 There are also three accounts of the transfiguration in the gospels: Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Is it not noteworthy that while there are three witnesses to the transfiguration, not one of them is a gospel writer? Matthew, who wrote one of the accounts, was one of the nine left behind. John, on the other hand, who accompanied Jesus up to the mount of transfiguration, and who wrote a gospel account, does not include the transfiguration in his gospel. I find this most interesting. If such a spectacular event were to happen today, we would be certain to have the “press corps” invited. Jesus did not do so, and He knew what was going to happen (cf. Luke 9:27).

I am not sure that I can explain why this is true, why Jesus would invite three men along, and yet none of them would give a personal account of the event. I think it is safe to say that Jesus did not capitalize upon or emphasize the spectacular. If He handled things as some religious leaders do, He would not only have had the twelve disciples along, but he would have had the radio, television, press, and a huge crowd of witnesses along with him as well. Jesus downplayed the spectacular, while we play it up. Perhaps we need to learn a lesson from our Lord, here

Bob makes 5 points that I found interesting:

1. The Transfiguration confirms the identity of Jesus.

2. His kindom is identified.

3. Clarification is made that Jesus is one who is greater.

4. The crown and cross are one.

5. God can raise men from the dead.

I encourage everyone today to read the commentary at the link Mike provided about the Transfiguration, you might learn something new.

Luke 9:28-36
The Transfiguration
For the gospels, Mathew didn’t go and John who didn’t write anything about the Transfiguration. That is a very interesting observation. Thanks Laura. There are dozens of reasons of course (maybe training purposes), but obviously it wasn’t in God’s plan. Peter does say something in 2 Peter 1:16-18. There might be a clue in the end where scripture says, “The disciples kept this to themselves, and told no one at that time what they had seen”. Jesus must always be our own personal discovery. (Luke 9:20).

I am not sure how I would handle this event or write about it but I certainly would see Jesus in a new way. Seeing the Kingdom this way presents the same problem today. How do you tell someone about it? Little kids understand it better than we do! LOL.

Psalm 73
I think the Steve Sanchez commentary “Is your spiritual vision 20/20?” has a good point. It is a matter of helping people appreciate in the midst of our 5 senses the wonder of who God is, what he has made and what sort of future he has in store for us. In many ways this is in line with how to see the Kingdom. Steve says, “We can come alongside someone and say, “Here, let me help you; you’re looking in the wrong place. Look over here.” We stand shoulder to shoulder and say, “Can you see Him? Look again; He’s right in front of you.” This is the heart of discipleship – helping your brothers and sisters, and fellow human beings “see.”

Hey guys! Who else thought when Moses said God was going to raise someone up..he was talking about Joshua going into Promised Land. Anyway..I see the imagery of Jesus. And God did know all along. We needed Jesus!!

I so relate with Peter! My mouth gets away from me! Oy Vey! He thought entire scripture comes from the law(moses) prophets(elijah) and Jesus..when in fact he was one of first who came to revelation Jesus is the Cornerstone by Which all scripture, prophets, the Word is breathed and living through Him! He is All!!

Then trying to compete, who is better..they are missing the whole point..we are called to be a blessing and joy to others..whoever is first is last in Kingdom and whoever last is first..we need to major in the Majors not the minor things.

Where we are weak, He is strong..He is holding us up with a mighty Hand..my hope is in Him
I love Him my shield and my joy!!

Yes love the proverbs about animals ❤ love my two precious pups and our outdoor kitty. All so precious! Love them

And yes Mike..I am weak at caring for plants but the animals I do better! ;-) 😉

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