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Numbers 26:52-28:15

The following two verses in chapter 27 spoke to me today,
3 "Our father died in the wilderness without leaving any sons," they said. "But he was not among Korah's followers, who rebelled against the LORD. He died because of his own sin. 4 Why should the name of our father disappear just because he had no sons? Give us property along with the rest of our relatives."

I’m not sure why these verses spoke to me but I think it may have something to do with “dealing in truth.” The Daughters of Zelophehad dealt in truth about their father, “He dies for his on sin.” They did not blame someone else or Moses for bringing them out into the desert. The also did not operate in “shame” which would have kept them from speaking up for themselves. So often we are afraid to go to God to ask for anything because we are so full of shame and guilt. Truth is we don’t deserve anything but God is a God of grace and mercy who deals in Truth, yet His Promises to us are not based on how good we are, we aren’t, but on how good He is.

We have Hebrews 4:16, Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need, they didn’t, yet these woman stepped forward and asked. Father God, may I study and meditate on how these woman handled their situation and take heed for the areas in my life that seem to be outside of the blessing and favor of God, emphasis on the word “seem.”

Luke 3:1-22

John the Baptist new his purpose and he did, without reservation, what he was created to do. He didn’t have all the information on who and how, he received from God on a need to know basis and accepted it. John didn’t need folk’s approval because if he did he would have spoke to the crowds in a manner that would make them feel warm and fuzzy. John spoke the Words of God under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 61:1-8
5 For you have heard my vows, O God.
You have given me an inheritance reserved for those who fear your name.

Hmm, it seems that godly fear is profitable. I just must make sure that I have the right understanding of profitability in the economy of God.
Proverbs 11:16-17

I had to go to another translation to understand the sixteenth verse so I when to the Amplified Bible, 16 A gracious and good woman wins honor [for her husband], and violent men win riches but [a]a woman who hates righteousness is a throne of dishonor for him.

This verse is compares honor with wealth and strongly suggest that there is no equity between the two. In the economy of God honor has the greatest value.

Grace and peace,

Psalm 61 v 3 For you have been my refuge a strong tower against the foe. This verse is summary of the story of my life as I have gone through lot in my life but through it all I must God had always and He still got my back. God been the reason I am alive and live because of hope I have in Him ,I can face tomorrow.
Prov 11 v 16 A kindhearted woman gain honor............... I am persuaded to keep on been kind. Then in verse 17 there a benefit for been kind.

I'm not saying I have cried pit much but I do speak to God and make request known or complain about others to Jesus.

I do love how we can come passionately to Jesus anytime, anyplace! It's nice! God is good all the time

The Meaning of John and His Message For Today.

At the end of of Bob Deffinbaugh’s comments he suggests some things we can use to improve our discipleship in our lifestyle and our ministry.

My personal take or understanding of John’s message is his depiction of a time in our life that needs some stirring up. It could be a person but it could also be an event or something happens that is unusual and even extraordinary. Maybe your life is a bit humdrum or complacent. All of a sudden a John the Baptist shows up and reveals things about yourself and those around you. If you listen and take heed, remarkable things are shown to you and your life changes. You come closer to the Lord. Advent is a natural occasion for this because we are particularly sensitive to a special time of the year that points to the birth of Jesus. The Holy Spirit can show us things we need to grow in our relationship with God. May John be an instrument in making our joy full.

Ramona: I liked how you analyzed the character of the Daughters of Zelophehad. Speaking up, seeking truth and showing us that we can always approach God's throne.

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