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Deuteronomy 4:1-49

Moses was a Sheppard, it must have been hard for him to watch but not be permitted to accompany his flock as they finally cross over into the Promise Land. Imagine the responsibility of managing such a huge number of people, a people that are so prone to wander off in different directions. Got me to thinking about the way God sometimes uses Sheppard’s as leaders. The theme of Deuteronomy is love and obedience, the same agenda the good Sheppard has for his flock. The good Sheppard wants to take us out of the bondage of our own territory and lead us into the green pastures of the Promise Land.

The good Sheppard is willing to lay his life down for his sheep; he leads the sheep with love but at times the Sheppard must be harsh on the sheep when they wander. The Sheppard does not enjoy being harsh, he is only harsh because he knows the great danger facing the sheep that wander, realizing those that stray could permanently be separated from the flock forever.

Moses as a good Sheppard pleads with his flock to hearken to the word of the Lord by giving them reason after reason to obey God so that it will go well with them. Deuteronomy expresses the magnitude of God, His love for us and His awesome power as a God of consuming fire and a God of love.

In the words of my Pastor, “Yes, He's a consuming fire and those enemies of God shall be destroyed by that consuming fire. Consuming is just a qualifying word and that is a word that qualifies really the enemies of God; that which the fire will do to enemies of God. But that same fire transmits us into permanency because from us it consumes the dross and the impurities of our life. It's the refining fire of God burning within our hearts, consuming dross transmitting into permanency”.

Numbers 4: 1-43

I read a commentary about how this scripture should be pondered on how the chosen people spoke so warmly of their relationship with God. That really is evangelism! It sounds like they have a pride about the law and decrees. Laws are a source of wisdom and discernment and there is a holiness that will even affect people that do not believe in God. We see how many people and nations, through out the Bible are attracted to this one true God by the relationship He wants.

Deuteronomy 4:41-43
Cities of Refuge.

Re: Numbers 35:6-34. Again we hear about these places that are set up with the intention of providing a safe place to “get your act together”. I work in a place that provides accommodation to transients of all kinds. The staff treats everyone that comes here with this sense of our place being a refuge, if they need it or not. There is a mixture of needs: safety, time, money, stability, rehabilitation, hope, and a kind word. It may only be one night or several months but the objective is to provide that environment to allow a person to get their act together. Guess who sends them here? The interesting thing about this is that it is never discussed with the patron but only the staff is in the know. Not all the staff are Christians but we use the same principles described in these readings in the Bible. It makes all our work have a higher purpose and what joy when the person can leave in a better state of affairs.

God loves praise and worship. Its a way to be closer to HIm. David sang and danced before the Lord. Miriam sang to the Lord as have many more. Shabbatt is a good time to study His word.

Hi! I love to belt our hymns and do so in my car and love worship music. I love the theme of love and obedience. It's what keeps family together. No matter what

Peace to u and yours

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