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Was this message written by Mike?
Thank you so much for this ministry.
After graduating from seminary I am learning things that I never learned.
What a blessing to not only have the Word of God but also your commentaries and those of Tom Dooley.
What a blessing to my husband and me.

Luke 7:18

John’s Question.

“Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?”

I think every body in the Middle East was asking that question. They are still asking it. I am asking it. This simple question sums up my own entire belief as Jesus Messiah. Is it true? I have to believe what Jesus says in Luke 4:18-21 and is Isaiah’s prophecy. You have to make your own decision.

Bob Deffinbaugh’s commentary gives us excellent references to the body of the question or interpretation, but not the spirit of the question which is really left to us as individuals. John asks it, Luke records it, and I have to make the choice. Like Bob says, “Let us learn, like John, to hold seemingly opposing truths in tension, until God reveals their unity and harmony in the future.”

In verses 7:22-23 Jesus response is probably not the answer John expected. It may not satisfy Bob and it certainly sounds too simple for me. What about the rest of the world?

Proverbs 11:30

“Godly men are growing a tree that bears life-giving fruit, and He that is wise wins souls.” (MSG).

This says something about our legacy. I love the tree of life imagery. Producing fruit! I really think as Mike does in supporting charities in this regard. My wife and I have made the Salvation Army a major part of our death benefit. We also support our church. We keep a helpful interest in the needs of the Indigenous Community that we live in. We really like a local private school that is a beacon of success in not only our community but the whole world. We share interest and support organizations in Liberia and Haiti.

Some agencies I love is Compassion ministries, and Holt International..good ministries. I love John's boldness and his humanness. He didn't know but was looking at the signs leading up to Jesus. And His ministry. And he never was intimidated. He knew he needed to shrink while Jesus got greater. Love it!

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