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Luke 8:4-8:21

I read a commentary that brought out an interesting point on the parable of the seed. Jesus could have easily articulated his words as He spoke to the crowd so effectively that all would have heard what He was saying and understood it, but He didn’t. The reason He didn’t speak effectively and convince the crowd was because He did not want to overpower people’s freewill. Jesus could so easily have made everyone He came in contact with a believer but He never crossed the line of our own freewill. Imagine the power of Jesus which He is holding back until the appointed time when He just lets it all go.

Deuteronomy 10:12
My NIV has a comment: “In the Bible, love is more than a feeling; it is a decision to serve another person’s interest”. I think this comment stops short of the reciprocal love relationship we have with God. Isn’t it a two way street? I get the part about us serving God, but after reading about Moses and God’s relationship, I believe that God can “serve” us because He loves us. That has to stimulate some thought?

Luke 8:4-15
So True Ramona. This parable really shows us our different levels of belief. With your thought Jesus could easily have opened the mind of everyone to believe but that would be imposing on our freewill. The word parable can be translated to mean riddle. It teases the mind into active thought and out heart condition is how we accept or understand the parable. For myself I try to refresh my thoughts every time I hear it. I have to be careful because over familiarity can deaden the insight. The parable of the Sower is like that. It’s mentioned in Mathew and Mark. I like what Billy Graham said about this parable, “1/4 of those that the Word of God lands on will go on to grow in Grace and Knowledge of Christ and become true disciples”. I wish it was more but that is the reality of freewill!

Psalm 69:30-31
“I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. This will please the Lord more than an ox, more than a bull with its horns and hoofs”. (NIV)
This is what God wants most. He is not arrogant. We praise because we love Him and He accepts that praise because He loves us.

Update: I got the red Pontiac but not without a couple of hiccups that were profound! The dealer offered to knock a few bucks off the price on the receipt so I wouldn’t have to pay a bit more tax. This is pretty normal. He put the reason as the clutch slips. Now remember this is a God thing. The car ran fine for 50 miles till I got home and the clutch died. (Coincidence? LOL). After a couple of hours talking to the dealer, my son and YouTube we found out it simply needed fluid added. All good. Lesson for my son and I: When you have God involved, don’t do stupid things like short change your taxes. God is good!

I love how God loves us and even he knows we don't deserve it..he knows we are stubborn..but he loves us anyway! Amazing!

The seed and sower..how much thought do we give of the Word in our daily walk? Is Jesus really Lord of our life. Have we given him reigns or are we fighting for control??

And thankful for His worship and praise! Yes!!

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