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1 Samuel 10

I think a character study of this guy would be fascinating. He has so many character traits that reflect on us all in some sort of fashion. In this reading as he is made the first elect King of Israel we see this wonderful modesty as he hides amongst the baggage as his kingship is declared. As time goes on he turns into a raving lunatic with his relationship with David. If Netflix existed at that time there would be hundreds of shows about the monarchy just like we see today in the countless shows about the Royals in England. Of course, a lot of nations go through their struggles and I think it is up to us to recognize whether or not they are in league with God or not. Just look at their coins. Look at the Mathew 22:21 verse. Is it Caesar or is it like in the USA which says, In God We Trust?

I think Ramona describes it well, “we just love Pomp and Circumstance, a king with all the regalia that goes with the job, over substance. We love emotion and sentiment as the king leads his troops and sits on his throne, but we hate the truth that the other King, God brings.”

John 6:43-71

Some tough teaching here by Jesus. Eternal life, flesh and blood, sheep and goats, decision making. I can see how some people have trouble with this stuff. Trying to explain it is even harder! Here is a thought. Verse 45 says, “Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from him comes to me.” That means if you are reading this it is because God is bringing you to this place at this time. Another thing in Verse 47, “I tell you the truth, he who believes has everlasting life.” What does that stir up in your heart and mind? It has been said those who pray for eternal life don’t know what to do on a wet Sunday.

I loved the commentary and Mike's version of Saul hiding among the baggage. And yes Saul made a fool of himself and his obsession with David and obsessed with killing him. But we have to realize that "be careful what we wish for" you just might get it! Be blessed

Jesus is the bread of life! And we seek him and Him only!!
I want to seek the Lord more through prayer

Be gentle to others. Never know what that might do to others..

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