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Mephibosheth's nurse was one any mother would want to have take care of her son.A 5year old can be a burden to carry when you are running away from danger.There was also no prize at the end of the race because Mephibosheth had nothing to give anymore.His nurse's devotion in the light of all the fights and murderings chapter truly is refreshing.
There was a time Michal loved David.When David became a fugitive he got other wives,Michal became wife to a man who loved her.In deutronomy 24,there's a part that speaks about a woman who's husband had sent her away not being allowed to marry her again if she had married another.True David had not divorced Michal but neither did he make any attempt to keep her AND now she was married to another man(who cried and wept when she was taken away).Maybe behind the disdain in Michal was pain,hurt.David claimed to be dancing for the Lord yet he hadn't asked God before separating Michal or marry dozens of wives some of which were Israelites.
Sometimes I watch people go all "spiritual" dancing,rasing holy hands etc before the Lord in church then after church(or still in church after the worship)behave nasty...then I wonder if truly they had worshipped God or simply enjoyed a good tune in church.Michal may have kept household gods but David sure did nothing to boost her faith in God by his actions.

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you MUST love one another. 35By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."
The way we treat others who are our brothers and sisters...the way we treat people in general preach louder sometimes than empty words we say rather than practice.I work in a mostly haotic environment where trying to answer many impatient people at once can really be a challenge.Many times I try to keep in mind that I ought to be light(my unsaved collegues sometimes act really nasty)...sometimes I fail and have a guilt party.Once a lady met me at a christian conference and hugged me saying she had come to my place of work and I was so kind and patient to her that she was certain I was a christian,seeing me at a christian conference confirmed it.
So many times it's hard to understand that people come from different backgrounds,cultures etc and I get my patience stretched thin...it's always good to note the world is watching us as followers of Chirst.Our ways may lead others to Christ,make already existing christians stumble or worse give the world yet another reason to despise Christ.I pray we all be filled with love for God and one another.
God bless you all

2 Samuel 5 and 6

Three things came to mind about this reading.

The first was at about 5:10 we see the time in David's life was messy chaotic, confusing and the raw historical events were a way Yahweh used them and worked them out in a way for his purpose. From here on we see all the ways David exercises his kingship, good and bad.

The second, is watching the ark being moved and I wonder did he ask God about moving it to Jerusalem? David did the right thing but he did not do it the right way. A lesson for us all.

Third, David's "inappropriate" worship and this opens up the question about my worship. Is it real from the heart and pleasing to the Lord? I have danced in church, (alone) because my spirit was moved to do so. The Lord can use that for his glory.

John 14: 2-3
Where are we going?.

The Lord is preparing a "room" for me! Sooo Cool. I believe this is the ultimate consolation of the Christian faith. I am very pleased, humbled and filled with joy by being called a child of God. Re: 1 John 3:1-9
Thank you Lord.

I'm a little with you Anka, the first part of 2nd Samuel..felt so bad for the nurse and Mephibosheth..how she loved him so to try to flee to safety with him. To know his injuries he sustained for life from the fall..that was sad.

Also..my heart did go out to Michal..women were just property. David had her at first..then she was given away to another man to marry. He adored and loved her dearly, was grieved so to let her go and she just becomes property of David and one of many, many wives. Sad

I try hard not to lie to myself. Not good to set yourself up for disaster or live a lie!

I have learned , in order to grow..listen and accept criticism. It will save your life.

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