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Lamentations 3:1-66

As I read today’s passage I had a visual image of Jerusalem crying out the words written by Jeremiah She is the one who has seen it all, the rise of David and the built up city and fortifications of Solomon. It was within her walls that the gold laden Temple was constructed and slowly dismantled as each successive king failed to protect her by not fully walking uprightly before God or else going head long into sin. Jerusalem, the City of Zion, was picked out by God to be the city He dwelt in and built by man to try to reflect His glory, then abandoned by each successive generation.

Yet despite our failure to be faithful to God, God remains faithful to His people.

Grace and peace,


If I am dealing with emotions, feelings and thoughts of grief, I have used Lamentations for reflection. To read and try to understand the sorrow, desperation, loneliness, loss of hope and loss of God is a look at why some people go down the rabbit hole of depression and possibly suicide. I have referred people to read scripture here when they are suffering, especially at funerals. A beautiful song that goes with this is by Bifrost Arts, “Our song in the night”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_qEAqoX6LE

It is very important to remember out of remembrance comes redemption! (5:21)

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