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Pride indeed comes before the fall. One of my fave songs is: "humble thyself in the sight of the Lord...and He shall lift you up! higher and higher and He, shall lift you up". Humility/meekness is indeed a wonderful virture! and pride is so very destructive.

I love the example of Moses. Think Moses is regretting his decision now? to forsake the pleasures of the world and follow God? ha! Lets focus on the eternal! this life will pass away!

I'm not married, regarding Provs, but if God's will for my life is to marry, may I be a blessing and joy to my husband, not a quarrlesome, constant drip. (and vice vs!). But, Paul did say it is better to remain single. ;) My dad is a widower and some of the women he has dated, he's sure glad he didnt marry them...and i remember him quoting this Prov, haha (and I have to agree!!!)

Proverbs 27:15

Quarrelsome Wife

At first I thought I am not going to touch that with a 10 foot pole. As I reflected further I considered I would share my experience with this theme. My wife and I were in a place about 10 years ago where Satan started to work on us. Both of us were dripping faucets. Prayer, counseling, books were rife. Nothing really helped for 2 years. The wind and oil thing were authentic. Somewhere in this process that God wanted us, I came to a place that was hard for me but went to the core of who I was. I had to swallow my pride and wash her feet.

Praise the teacher Jesus.

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