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Genesis 8:10-32

Mike – In your comments regarding Noah, the dove and the olive branch, I, for the first time see an example for us in how to walk by faith and not by sight. I believe that in every part of the Bible, Old and New Testament redemption, salvation, righteous living and holiness that point to the Messiah and His Work on the cross, can be seen. It just takes time and persistence to see it or have it revealed.

When Noah, sending out the raven that flew back and forth until the earth was dry and then sending out the dove, did this, he set an example of how to walk by faith. The text shows us that even thought there was a window on the Ark his eye sight was blocked. He knew that the earth was out there but he was not able to use his five senses to determine the condition of the ground. We are told by the apostle Paul not to walk in or after the flesh especially in his letter to the Romans. Moses relied on two birds that feed on and live amongst two entirely different food sources.

The raven is a carrion, it feeds on dead things, dead flesh. The dove, which is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit, does not hang around death. Paul states:

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.
(Romans 8:1 KJV)

The olive branch represents the anointing, the Anointed One. The raven flew back and forth feeding on flesh, the dead things of this world. Moreover, there would have been a lot of “flesh” floating on the water and the raven had a field day. But the dove can’t hang out with the dead, she/he needed the “Annointed One,” the Olive Branch, in order to live upon the earth, so too those called by His Name.

Please note the above may just be the product of a very fertile imagination.

(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)
(2 Corinthians 5:7 KJV)

Grace and peace,

John the Baptist is wrongly imprisoned, but Jesus begins to preach the kingdom of heaven. Just as John said, he must decrease and Jesus increase. It is probably a very tough time for John, but he is not the Messiah (as some still incorrectly believe). Praise the Lord for His Kingdom... He is the King!

It is so true that we look and seek for God's calling and timing. I have learned that through the years with jobs, situations, family, faith. Our ways are not His ways, nor our timing His timing. Seek Him daily and all will be well. Be blessed!

I will say that I think of repentance as a one thing thing, mostly. How does a Christian make a 180 when they are born-again? When we are new creatures in Christ, we have the Holy Spirit to convict us and we know when we have displeased God and we ask forgiveness. If we continually dismiss the promptings of God, then who are we? The Word tells us who we are in Christ. Yes, we fail, but (and my pastor does this) constantly telling yourself or your congregation that we are sinners and we need to repent is not New Covenant. Either we are the righteousness in Christ, more than conquers, etc. or we are not. Like I said, we have failures, but He is merciful and will forgive us when we ask. (I am not an uber-grace person that takes advantage of God’s mercy) I know Whom I have believed...

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