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First I’d like to say that the dissertation of the difference of Abraham and Lot as Christians has given me many things to ponder in my heart as I examine my own life.
In response to your request of how we share the gospel today, this is mine. It seems very small to me, but since retirement, I no longer have the daily public encounters. I now relish the technology benefits of texting family and friends for the last 5 years. My daily praying and texting has grown and I praise our LORD for this opportunity of sending love and His wonderful Word. Time with my LORD and prayer truly fill me with joy...
Blessings in Him.

Psalm 8 has always been one of my favorite psalms. The name of the Lord is magnificent. He has created everything and cards for humans even though we are not worthy of His concern. Praise the Lord!

I love how God evangelizes the world and loves on His friends without ever saying But..even when we had infractions or we plead if there is this but would u do that..he still answers directly..

I love the memory verse today and also Matthew 7:11 about giving! And the narrow is gate ,wide is path.. I see so many verses that I think of that would and could evangelize my 5th graders. My personal children and my husband and I stay in Word.. my class students unfortunately don't have a role model at home to support this alot of times..my job alot of times is to speak to them of Him and let it speak to their heart as He sees fit.
I too love this psalm of the night sky and its wonderful majesty! So beautiful and poetic

I alot of times growing up was told I had tons of book sense but no common sense.
Well this proverbs supports me and keeps me grounded: 6:7 "He grants a treasure of common sense to the honest. " There u go! I believe others would say I am very honest..too honest at times..haha be blessed

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