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I just noticed a similarity of how David handled his enemies, those who came against him outside of a relationship with him and those David knew. I have been observing how if David knew the people who challenged him, he showed tremendous mercy and delayed judgment, if they had judgment at all. Yet, for those He knew not, judgment was usually swift. It just occurred to me that David, being a type of Christ, is doing what is afforded those who either have or don’t have a relationship with Christ. Whether or not we experience judgment with no mercy is based on our relationship with Christ. Of all the sins that we can commit, the one that is surly fatal, is our non-acceptance of Jesus Christ’s salvation.

I am not sure if even that can be or really is God judging us, as much as our seeing what God has to offer and rejecting that gift. Doing that puts the one who has rejected that gift on the judgment seat by their own volition. God does not send them to their death they take themselves. Hmmm! Must do some rethinking.


2nd Samuel 19:11-20:13
Making wounds -Faithful are the wounds of a friend-Healing wounds- David declared an amnesty-opening wounds -inter tribal war again.

Again battles with Saul's descendents vs. DAVIDS (The Benjaminites vs the Judahites)
Amasa was on the side of Saul along with Shemei, however David's commander of Army Joab- even though David didn't want killing well except Sheba- or at least pushed back-frightened (know their place-however Joab -operated in justice not love again to Amasa.

John 21:1-25
Learn alot of aspects of Jesus
Jesus - the stranger- Lord wasn't with them on the boat..he had been crucified..descended they thought. Saw 2 times earlier..didn't recognize on the shore.

Jesus the Master-He never fails. They were fishing all night -nothing! He called the fish to obey and the fishermen to put the net over right side..153 fish was caught!

Jesus the Host- Peter obeyed - after given the call of catching fish! Jumped out of boat ..Peter ran to Christ.

Jesus the Shepherd- most important is loving Christ. Peter was asked 3 times, do love me?

Jesus the Lord-Follow me! Peter the apostle asked about John's relationship to Christ. Jesus answer..what's it to u? Follow me.

This was the 3rd appearance after Christ's dying on the Cross.

Psalm 120:1-7
It's about deliverance--
Words can hurt us
Only God can deliver u from lies.

Proverbs 16:16-17
How much better to get wisdom than gold, judgment than silver. The path of the virtuous leads away from evil, whoever follows that path is safe.
Do u pursue wisdom and understanding or $$?

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