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Wise women...the woman who spoke to Joab seemed to have some degree of authority...don't think all the city would be taking orders from a young woman but that's just speculation.In days when women didn't really have that much of a say,one wise woman saved a city.
Another woman through her love for her sons moved the kings heart to give not only her sons but Saul and Jonathan's bones a proper burial...Love and wisdom are pretty powerful!I pray for more of both in my life.
I am doing a study of the Holy Spirit currently on www.blbi.org and I really find a lot of sense in their commentary on the last chapter in John vs acts.When we as unbelievers come to Christ,the Holy spirit come to dwell in us.When Jesus said receive ye the Holy Spirit...they received an "indwelling of the Holy Spirit"...the Holy Spirit which dwells in us works to confrom us into the image of Christ.
In acts the disciples were given the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit"which gave them power for service.That's when they began preach and had signs and wonders accompany them.Jesus was said by John to be the one who will baptise with the Holy Spirit.I think it's safe to say that many believers are not baptised with the Holy Spirit but have an indwelling of the Holy Spirit.It was after Peter was baptised with the Holy Spirit that he spoke and the Holy Spirit convicted 3000.
On pride..Mike,I know just what you mean because I'm going through it myself.Unfortunately sometimes getting all the knowledge from God can lead to "puffing up" and trying to show others they are wrong..A few months,I had a less hectic schedule at work so I dived into the word.I got alot of knowledge and began to find fault in everything others tried to teach me back in church.I realised wrong doctrines are rampant mostly due to ignorance and I wanted to avoid that...but I got to an extreme where I became really judgemental.I recently read a book called pain,perplexity and promotion by Bob Sorge.It showed me what it meant to hear the word...and what it meant to know the word.How we can get so puffed and the quickly be deflated when trials come.I sure will join you in repentance and pray God helps me be more like Jesus.

Good words Anka! The things I wish to do I don't and ones I don't want to do , I do. We all do at times. I know how the bible says we are in the world but not of the world. That is what we supposed to do and not operate in pride, greed and such. That is a daily crucify of the flesh, pray and repent. Thank u for Jesus and his daily love of his children. Grace daily. Amen

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