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I so appreciated today's meditation, especially the proverb about alcohol. I have been a member of AA for over 20 years, and it was actually my pathway to deeper Christianity. I was definitely a Christian, even in the throes of my alcoholism--- one of my favorite things to do at night was curl up with the Bible, a bottle of wine and my cigarettes. ( I look back on that picture now and laugh! ) But of course, Christ's call is different upon everyone, and I am so thankful that even in the midst of my sin [drinking not a sin for everyone, but He definitely showed it was for me] Christ was there, reaching out to me, loving me, letting me learn more of Him and His ways. I am so thankful that this was my path, otherwise I might be such a Pharisee today! He has provided for me a beautiful life, complete with dear husband, precious children, and abiding faith; and without my besetting sins, I really think I may have fallen into a life of deeper unrepentant sin (pride) and not ever gotten to know the real Jesus. At any rate, though I don't comment often, I love the daily Bible blog and thank you for your continual ministry to us!

I appreciated your comments today. I also appreciated you sharing your story and struggle with alcohol. I grew up in an alcoholic family. My father was the nicest guy in the world until he drank and then the violence and sin would appear. I grew up drinking. I had a season in my early life where I partied and alcohol was a big part of my life. I look back now and see the abuse. I cant point to any scriptures that say you should not drink. I can point to several that speak to the dangers of drunkenness and one making "insert noun here" your idol. I don't fault anyone for having a beer, glass of wine, etc. but I think when that drink becomes a "need" or an "idol" then we have a problem that needs addressed. Some people can have one beer and be done. Others have that one beer and the brokenness and addiction comes flooding back into their lives which is how the enemy will continue to control them. You cant go wrong with staying focused on God and what he provides as a substitute for any addiction that you struggle with. If the enemy can control you through booze, drugs, money, sex, etc. then you need to recognize that and seek God for help with overcoming it.

Good evening! King Asa for the win ! This section. Anyway until he took his eyes off Jesus..died when he reluctantly gave authority to people ..

Romans was a hard section. I know not everyone that is a Christian in name or theory is not a true one. That I get. However I believe God's wish is that none of us perish..all prosper in Him

Psalm 19 wow we r on this one..lots of faves in there one being may the meditation of my heart and words of my mouth be pleasing..

Proverbs..20..about wine and alcohol. I don't drink much and never in excess..I had experience growing up with a drunk father. Don't want a repeat! Amen

One of most impressive sermons I’ve heard recently was delivered by a former alcoholic…..he lost everything……couldn’t pay his rent ……lived in his car a few nights then called his parents…..in his early thirties….his father answered the phone with this reply…….” I’ve been waiting on this call…..son, it’s time for you to come home”…….that arrival at home changed his life forever ….he started attending church again ….God changed his plans for his future and he went to seminary then got a masters of Divinity and is now a minister……his sermon illustrated that God is available and waiting on us to come home to HiM……..with his arms opened wide like this man’s father ……regardless of what type of problem or idol we have in our life ……we need to draw close to HIM today…HE will help us ….we have HIS promise…but, we aren’t promised tomorrow !!

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