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II Chronicles 33:14-34:43

Our pride makes repentance a difficult thing to do. And when one repents, meaning to turn back, when they are a national leader, well---that is a most difficult thing to do. Manasseh did his repentance in public view.

Attached to each form of worship, be it idols or the True God, there is a political mindset, a group, that jockeys for power and a seat of influence to maneuver the hands and mind that rules the nation. Manasseh destroyed all religious worship that was not directed toward God. That was a bold step to take. I can hear and see in my minds eye the political uproar, the coalitions disbanding and banding together trying to get to the king’s ear. (33:14-17)

When I came to the thirty-fourth chapter, I became fascinated with the ages and stages of Josiah and his father, King Amon (chapter 33:21-24). Josiah’s father (the son of Manasseh, only ruled for two years because of his wickedness. When he came into power he was twenty-two years and he had a son who was six, which means Josiah was born to Amon when he was only sixteen years old. Amon produced a child at sixteen; his son Josiah produced a revival.

At the ripe age of eight, Josiah became king. Eight years latter, he inspires a revival by seeking the God of his ancestor, David. He began clearing the land of idols his father had brought back into the land as well as into the daily political life of the rulers. Then ten years latter, the land having been cleansed, the Temple is set to be repaired. Change is a process not an event. When we turn our hearts toward God, He may instantaneously remove some things that are deadly from our lives, but many things that are not pleasing to Him take time to be removed.

Mike comments on how amazing and unbelievable it is to not have the Book of the Law in plan sight and in use in the Temple built to honor the Name of God, the God who gave the Law. Not only was it out-of-sight, it was lost in a room. My question to this find, “How long was it lost and/or which king was the last to actively seek it out and use it?

Romans 16:10-27
The words of the Bible are timeless and never grow old no matter how many generations come and go between the time the words were written and the present day. Paul warns,

Now I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who create dissensions and obstacles contrary to the teaching that you learned. Avoid them! (Rom 16:17 NET.)

The above words are as fresh and pertinent as the day they were written. In order to “watch” for the people that distort the Word of God, one must know what to watch for. Thank you Mike for inviting and encouraging all of us to come into this site and partake of God’s wonderful Words, our guide our yardstick by which we measure every other word.

O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.
(Psa 34:8 KJV)

Psalm 26:1-12

Vindicate me, O Lord, for I have integrity, and I trust in the Lord without wavering.
(Psa 26:1 NET.)

Man may declare you guilty, but when we walk uprightly before God and do what He requires of us, God will declare us innocent.

Proverbs 20:19
We just love gossip it feeds our ego. We get a kick out of knowing things other people don’t know. Information has value, and we not only will pay a huge price to get that information, we will sell it to the highest bidder as we pass it along. However, the price we are willing to pay and the selling price we extract from a buyer is not measured in gold, but it is measured in integrity and self-worth.

If a gossip tells secrets, and we are willing to pay the cost to get those secrets, the seller we buy the secrets from will unreservedly sell us also.. What they have done to others, they will do to us. .

Grace and peace,

Woo-hoo romans!Roman's!! Read and in the books! I love it and God's love poured out to all and 2 achronicles showing that love and commitment to the Lord.

I love them finding the word after all those years.

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