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Hmmm, while I have to confess I do love a strong rock beat with the best of them, when it comes to "Christian" music, I think it's pointless to call it such if it doesn't then truly edify God. My problem with 2/3 of what's termed CCM music out there today is that much of it has become so worldly there's little difference - many of the lyrics could just as easily be secularly aimed as Christian with double meanings about love etc, and then there are the downright diabolical bands (to me) like Stryper and some other extremely heavy metal rock bands that I truly seriously and categorically do NOT think should ever be classed as Christian - firstly their music is so noisy you couldn't enjoy it unless you're semi-deaf, and secondly I've yet to be able to make out a full sentence in some of the lyrics, and usually if I do manage to do so, I find they're singing about cars, or drugs or some other secular/worldly topic with the odd "Jesus" maybe thrown in which is presumably what classifies it as Christian for some reason. A fair few years ago I heard a song by a group on an album Salvation Singing which I think was primarily Australian or else the group itself was - they'd come up with a song titled "Yay God", and it had a superb rock beat to it that I totally fell in love with initially, but the lyrics were primarily "Yay God" repeated over and over like a permanent chorus. It worked well in some respects, but I remember thinking - if I was to come face to face with God today would I EVER be likely to walk up to him and go "Yay God, how'ya doing man"!! You get my drift. I then watched a video about Christian rock that pretty much finished it for me, and I now listen to at least the gentler side of CCM music (Third Day, Jars of Clay etc), but even my 'hero' Michael W Smith has veered off at times into more secular music, so I figure the best attitude is to recognise that I can enjoy music for its own sake, and not get too strung up about it, BUT if I desire to use it to worship God, then it absolutely has to have lyrics that speak about HIM, not my relationship with Him, which is where so many get it wrong. The good old fashioned hymn writers had it right more times than not, and I think sometimes we need to be more careful in not being so much a part of the world, we're no longer distinguishable from it! :)).

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