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Rev. is fascinating! I believe the two witnesses will be Elijah and Moses. v.9 was once considered impossible: "For three and a half days men from every people, tribe, language and nation will gaze on their bodies and refuse them burial." How can every person witness this? Well, today with the technology we have it is possible, the news like cnn and not to mention the internet, watching things live...this makes it possible for every people, language, tribe to view this!
Here is what my study Bible says regarding the two witnesses: "While it is impossible to be dogmatic about the identity of the two witnesses, several observations suggest they might be Moses and Elijah: 1) like Moses they strike the earth with plagues, and like Elijah they have the power to keep it from raining; 2) Jewish tradition expected both Moses (Deut. 18:15-18) and Elijah (Mal 4:5-6) to return in the future (john 1:21); 3) Both Moses and Elijah were present at the Transfiguration, the preview of Christ's second coming; 4) Both Moses and Elijah used supernatural means to provoke repentence; 5) Elijah wa staken up alive into heaven, and God buried Moses' body where it would never be found; and 6) the length of the drought the two witnesses bring (3 1/2 yrs) is the same as that brought by Elijah (James 5:7)."
--Not that beleivers will be here, but I find it intruiging. Rev also mentions the Ark of the Covenant within God's temple. We'll finally know where that thing is! I posted awhile back some options of where the ark could be. Cant wait to find out all these mysteries!!! (whoa..do sum ppl say Christianity is boring??? ha!)

Psalms is indeed one of my faves too! Wow! When u ask God to reveal your heart to you...as I have recently...dont expect to be happy. I had prayed for God to reveal my heart to me and the next day I said some terrible things and hurt and shocked others. One said...'that was just ugly!'. It was really bad...but God showed me, my heart is positively evil...not that I am condemned, but its a heartbreaking thing to see our hearts. My pastor had spoken on this just prior and had said, God will only reveal a little at a time, because to see our heart all at once would be more then we could bare. After God showed me part of my heart...I understand! Its sooo painful, but we must see oursleves in the Light, not compared to other ppl...we can always look good compared to others, or bad, but when the Light exposes youre heart, its a very sad thing...to say I was in mourning after that would be approprate. But God has forgiven me! I will not carry it with me, i repent and let it go.

I definatley believe in tithing! But God wants a cheerful giver...if you give begrudgingly, you might as well not tithe at all. There's no pride in this whatsoever, but for an example, I tithe faithfully and my blessings never cease, not that I'm rich at all, but God has never let me go without my needs, I've never been had financial trouble, neither has my dad who tithes. My family member doesnt tithe is always in a financial crunch...I asked her if she tithes...she kinda hesitated...the two are related. God is faithful...but we dont tithe to receive anything, but to please the Lord. ALL we receive is His anyway. The Bible tells us to tithe so I dont feel it should be thought of as offensive to discuss the tithe and if it is...we need to be offended!

Wow...I wrote a book today, I better stop, haha...Just so much good stuff! I love it!

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