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It is with a sense of great accomplishment and gratefulness that I comment today. A year ago I started reading the One Year Bible blog without much hope of finishing, because of the times I'd failed before. Although I skipped out most of Ezekiel because I got really behind at one stage, I got through the rest. YAY!

Knowing that there was a community of readers doing this with me, and being able to interact with you all through comments was a key ingredient for me. Thank you to all who posted.

Mike, thank you so much. Your commitment to this blog is admirable, and your humility is inspiring. I think you must be one of Jesus' heros when I see how many lives you are touching daily through your obedience to Him.

Having read the whole Bible now, I have a much better idea of God as the beginning and the end, God working through history, God unravelling His love-plan and God reaching out to us. I have a much better understanding of Israel and the Jewish nation, and how they are a precious part of the fact that I am a Christian today. Praise You, Lord for drawing near to us. Praise You for The Message.

Our second year completed!!! What a blessing this blog is!! Thanks Mike!

Our house church read through the One Year Bible together this year and what a life-changing experience it has been.

I’ve read through the Bible several times, but not in a year, this was different and oh so good for my soul!

Life has not been easy for most, much heartache, loss, death and sorrow. And YET, our marvelous and detailed God, His Son Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit has woven His Love story throughout the scriptures — wooing us to Himself, desiring relationship with us, full of compassion and grace - alive and active and relevant, then, today and forevermore!

Thank you for your guidance, links and insights Mike, and the music, it speaks to me deeply too! May the Lord bless you and keep you, make His face shine upon you and through you. Sustain you through His glory and goodness, providing for your every need!

I really enjoyed the one year Bible blog and I learned so much that I never knew before. I looked at like an awesome adventure and couldn't wait to read the next day. I so happy and proud that I did it and plan to start again tomorrow.

I am so grateful for the daily email. I started reading the Bible regularly in 2011 and have not missed one day since 1/1/2012. When rising each day, i reach for my ipad for your email. There are days when it is not there at 5 and i must turn to the written bible. I also listen to the reading on my drive to work. What an inspiration it has been these past 12 years. Thank you so much

My first year completed!! A few days late but will catch up! This site is a blessing to me and I thank you for each day!

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