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Genesis 24:52-26:16

Applications for living from Today’s Old Testament Reading.

I believe, no, I know that everything in the Bible has meaning for us today. Most
Christians concentrate on the New Testament, and we should; however, few fail to see how the Old relates to the New except for pointing to the New Covenant by way of Jesus Christ through prophecies. But when we look close there are principals and patterns of “righteous” living to be gleaned from the lives of the Old Testament saints.

Abraham’s servant was on a mission, a divine mission. He had found what he was looking for and when he was ready to return home, he met with this attitude,

But Rebekah's brother and her mother replied, "Let the girl stay with us a few more days, perhaps ten. Then she can go." (Genesis 24:55 NET.)

When we are on an assignment from God, finish your assignment. Don’t delay no matter how wonderful the hospitality. While you are on assignment, you may meet someone who you know beyond a shadow of a doubt is suppose to be a part of your ministry. Never, never, never use manipulation to get them involved. Ask them what do they think their purpose is in your ministry and accept their answer even if it is, “No.” Abraham’s servant waited for Rebekah’s family to ask her if she wanted to go with him knowing that where she was going would lead to marriage with a man she did not know, her answer, “Yes.” God’s does not let a person bucking against His will stop His show. God is in the business of resurrecting dead things, dead hopes and dead dreams, as well as dead folk.

In reading about Ishmaels descendants, the twelve prince’s who produced 12 tribes, I realized from a distance, looking from afar, we can mistake the prosperity of the “flesh” as something blessed by God. Though it was promised by God that Ishmaels’ descendents would be many as they were off-spring of Abraham, someone could mistake the prosperity, the multitude of their numbers as a Blessing from God. Things born out of fleshly desires, our Ishmaels, can give the appearance of prosperity because of the abundance of leaves; however, we must check out the “fruit.” Fruit inspection is a process that needs time, possibly years, depending on the type of tree to get a definitive answer. Is it from God or is it a work of the flesh? Careful discernment is necessary. Patience allows us to discover the edibility of the fruit of something that appears to be righteous but isn’t.

God loves to give tests (Genesis 26). But unlike our teachers on the earth, God knows how we will do. The test is not for Him but for us. Are we the people we think we are? Is are character and integrity really at the level we think it is? Isaac took the same test his dad took, what to do when famine comes. Do you do the same thing that dad did when he faced this challenge, “Pimp your wife.”

There are things, behaviors, ways of thinking, attitudes that are generational. Some of the things we accept and take hold of are of no consequence but others as deadly and sinful. The challenge to each generational is to identify that behavior, that way of thought that is ungodly and change in the face of family pressure to keep the status quo.

Also in this twenty-six chapter, we see a story about water rights. The Philistines are jealous of Isaiah because of his abundance of crops; a product of God’s Blessings so they try to block what they think is the source of that blessing, water. Jesus once stopped off at a well and spoke to a woman about “Living Water” (John 4:7-14). In a hot dry land you can get away with not having food for a while, but it only takes a couple of hours to die of thirst in a hot desert.

I saw a principal for living in this battle over water. First, the well belonged to his father. Neither Isaac nor his servants had dug the well that had been taken over by the Philistines and been filled with dirt. Isaac had invested nothing in this well; however, he had an expectation of benefit. Looking at this well as a type of Christ, I see that whatever my parents and ancestors relationship was with the “well” others will give me no credit for it and possibly fill that relationship with dirt and stone and keep me out of the place where I want to fellowship. The only thing to do is to dig my own well and develop my own personal relationship with the well that holds “Living Water.

Just some ramblings from a fellow traveler and stranger on the earth, a place that is not my home,

Grace and peace,

Gen 26:5. Abraham did everything he was instructed or told.where he strayed was when he did not hear from God, and made foolish decisions. Don’t we all - I know I am guilty.

Jesus calmed the storm Matt 8:26 - why little faith? They had seen miracles which attested to who Jesus was - and even if they thought just the Messiah - prophecy did not have him dying in a boat at sea. C’mon guys - a little more faith in God’s word.

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