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Mike-You ask a tough question and if I were to give you an answer off of the top of my head, I would say, “Certainly, if given the opportunity and asked to lead I would lead just like Joseph, but alas I don’t think that is true. I have heard it said that a really great leader knows how to lead because he learned his leadership craft in serving others. So I think the question should first be, “Have I learned how to serve others with joy even in the dungeon?”

“If the purpose of a thing is not understood abuse is inevitable.” Quote from Myles Monroe author of the book, “Pursuit of Purpose.”

Truthfully it can only be in the role of a servant that one would learn the purpose of leadership and it would take great wisdom to weald that power with an eye for the Big Picture and not ones own personal agenda. Great leaders cannot rule from a place of pain or resentments they may have developed while in servitude. A great leader would have to operate in forgiveness. A great leader would have to be a great servant. I don’t think I’ve been that great of a servant, in fact I’ve been a lousy one.

Grace and peace, she said, with a lot of self-reflection to do during the day.


Everything that had happened to Joseph good or bad (by our standards) brought him to the place of second in command. God’s ways are complex.

Will Joseph be affected by power given to him. Agree with Ramona for a different reason. Alluded to it yesterday. Pride was being wrung out of him by extra stay (2 years) in prison. You can see the change in Joseph when you look at how often he mentions God in interpretation of dreams: once when interpreting cup beater and baker, and five times when explaining to Pharaoh. His attitude had changed - to God goes the glory!

Parables: I understand the conventional explanations of parables. Can see another interpretation.
- wheat and weeds is as Jesus explained
- kingdom of heaven on earth is the church. Mustard tree is church with many denominations and within will be evil (birds)
- Matthew writes to Jews - leaven is always sin - the church can be puffed up by sin.
- treasure in fields and Pearls are Israel and Gentiles respectively. (Pearls were way more valued by Gentiles rather than Jews) Jesus is the locator and He gives all for us.
- No matter how it all unfolds - it will be made right in the end when the wheat is harvested and the weeds are burned.

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