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I am just reflecting on the Exodus today! Wow what an amazing experience, 600000 in just men and animals, and children, women, and some non Israelites went also. Imagine that experience. Amazing! I journaled all 31 days! Yay. And I too. Mike had let down some goals for this year..the diet, the exercise, however most importantly, staying in Word was top goal! I stayed the course. Praise the Lord! And reading of the triumphant entry of the Lord! Yes! Our Redeemer lives

My goals:
Instead of saying “God” (acceptable to many non-believers), say “Jesus” more in conversations.

Incorporate (lovingly) the phrase “Everybody spends eternity somewhere” in conversations.

Always remembering: the strength of my words reflects the strength of my relationship.

My belief regarding prayer : believing and you will receive is the key word “believing”. If you are saved and are serving your Lord (King) Jesus then as you learn to pray you are seeking to ask for things in His will. If it is in His will you will receive. If not: No is a valid response, it may be in the Lord’s time not yours, and I have learned to shut up during prayer and listen - and have been amazed at what had been brought to mind when silent listening for the Lord.

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