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First I’d like to say that the dissertation of the difference of Abraham and Lot as Christians has given me many things to ponder in my heart as I examine my own life.
In response to your request of how we share the gospel today, this is mine. It seems very small to me, but since retirement, I no longer have the daily public encounters. I now relish the technology benefits of texting family and friends for the last 5 years. My daily praying and texting has grown and I praise our LORD for this opportunity of sending love and His wonderful Word. Time with my LORD and prayer truly fill me with joy...
Blessings in Him.


Quite a few thoughts:

Abraham offered sacrifices to God, obeyed God (most of the time), was involved in covenants with God - BUT in readings today Abraham’s walk is advancing and he is conforming into the image of Christ. For the first time, Abraham talks to God (prays) about others - interceding for the righteous in Sodom.

Lot in 2Peter2:7 is called righteous (believer) and is grieved by the sins/behavior in Sodom. BUT not enough to leave. You serve two masters - he is elder in the city (position at gate) and a believer - and do it in this earthly life consistently - and the warning is you can (metaphorically) end up drunk, naked, and alone - having had a worthless life in God’s eyes - albeit saved.

Jesus talks about not judging. But we judge all day long - if we did not we would be paralyzed into inaction. Paul says we can judge teaching and right from wrong. What gives? In the Greek Jesus is saying we can not know (judge) the heart. Only God can do that. Let God be God.

Matt 7:7 I always find fun. If you take the first letter of each clause - you get: A S K. God wants us to ask, wants to be in relationship with his children.

Mike on evangelizing: have had 8 people come to Christ in 18 years. Have talked to 100’s more. Surveys say Christians were exposed to evangelism 27.5 times on average before accepting. You never know if you are 1,12,25, or 27.5 in a persons life. Pray for opportunities to share and God will provide. Recently, I have worked “everyone spends eternity somewhere” into a spiritual conversation. Also say - “I get it, I thought exactly the same, was an atheist until 48”. Shut up, and usually the response is-‘what changed your mind’. Glad you asked - let’s talk.

How do we show others the love of God? Cut them slack, love, forgiveness, compassion, and reaching out to others show they matter. I pray for all of them..

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