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Just wanted to say that I enjoyed Bob Deffinbaugh's article "Learning to Love Leviticus." He made some excellent points...particularly about how the book can help us understand the atonement better and about how we are such an "entertainment oriented" culture--guilty of insisting that the Word bring instant gratification.

Per the end of this article, here's what I will commit to:

"I would like to ask you to do several things as we come to the conclusion of this message. First, I would like to ask you to agree with those who have studied the Book of Leviticus carefully and have concluded that it is a book which has great value for us. I want you to agree in particular to the fact that Leviticus is inspired of God, and that it is thus profitable to you for doctrine, for correction, for training in righteousness, so that you can be equipped for every good work (2 Tim. 3:16-17).

Second, I would like for you to act on this acknowledgment. I would like you to commit yourself to study this book. That you would read it consistently, consecutively, and in large portions at a time. I ask you to ponder (meditate) its teachings and to pray that God would give you insight and understanding as to its meaning and its application in your life. Finally, I ask you to do what you have committed to do, for the glory of God, in obedience to Him, and for your good." -Deffinbaugh

Anyone else on board with me? It's more fun journeying over tough terrain with friends ; )

I bawled and screamed like a baby during my moment of salvation. Still tear and choke up when retelling events of that night. Sometimes in deep prayer sessions in my prayer closet - I choke up and cry about my frustrations around handling sin in my life.

OT - after several trips through the Bible actually enjoy Leviticus now (instead of dreading), because I get the intention. God’s people were told to stay away a certain distance at Mt. Sinai as Moses spent time with God.

Now God is showing His people how to approach Him - through sacrifices (so far) that initiated atonement, fellowship, and thanks. It was the first step in realizing a relationship with Yahweh. Just realize that God often says what to do and how to do it - but does not always tell us the Why. Are we ok with that?

NT - So far Mark, God the Father, and some demons have proclaimed Jesus’ deity. In today’s reading some teacher’s of the law understand Jesus is claiming deity. “He is blaspheming. Who can forgive sins but God?” Exactly. So the miracle was performed to validate words of Jesus “your sins are forgiven”.

Proverbs: Folly is portrayed as a woman. In Wisdom literature the character and foil should agree in gender. Thus Wisdom is portrayed as feminine.

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