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I look forward to communion. It makes real the sacrifice. I have never experienced communion outside of church.

I think what is interesting is how in the old testament the chosen people of God were to be so different from those they lived with. God specifically told them how to consecrate themselves and behave so that they were very different from other nations.

Then today are we not equally challenged to be different in a dramatic fashion. We are to be clothed in Christ's work so that when we are in other settings there is a difference of love, kindness, compassion, understanding, and service.

I am looking at my clothes.

Communion is done monthly at my church. Honestly, it seems rote at times. Imagery of the cross, resurrection, and the second coming help me to stay focused on Jesus’ words.

There is a lot of great symbolism in OT readings the last few days. A new one I picked up on this year - fine twined linen - material where one does not sweat - so that we are not to think it is by our works (sweat of our labor) that we are saved or can commune with God.

Piggybacking on Ramona, all this and instructions to Israelites are meant to set them apart from the world (especially the practices of the Canaanites).“Set apart” or “other” are at the roots of the Hebrew word for Holy. God is the “ultimate other”. And we are called to be “other” (Holy). We can never match God, but we can grow ever closer in our walk.

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